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Deloitte Global Workforce M&A

End-to-End Global Workforce M&A Offering

A merger or an acquisition can have a deep impact on a Global Workforce function - integrating two Global Workforce programmes requires a lot of thought and care. The Deloitte Global Workforce M&A Practice offers a range of services to help organisations maintain compliance during the M&A lifecycle, whilst potentially realising unanticipated benefits for the newly merged Global Workforce function.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you with all the Global Workforce aspects of an M&A transaction, including:

  • HR Due Diligence - reviewing the acquired workforce programme(s), including people, structure, policies, vendors and technology.

  • Tax Due Diligence - identifying potential compliance risks around immigration, corporate tax, social security, employment law, posted workers directive and other related areas.

  • Integration - developing an integration plan that fulfils post-merger strategic objectives, which fully unleashes the potential of the newly merged Global Workforce organisation.

At whatever stage of your M&A journey, we can help you navigate through the complexities of harmonising two or more legacy functions by providing expertise and insight on:

  • Policy
  • People
  • Vendors
  • Technology
  • Process
  • Structure
  • Tax
  • Payroll
  • Legal & Immigration
  • Reward
  • Compensation & Equity

Our two-page overview showcases the full range of services we offer.

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