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Building a Global Mobility Programme

Putting together a Global Mobility strategy can be complicated and time consuming. Our 'how to' guide showcases some of our methodologies and contains key stats, trends, and hints and tips to help organisations get started with creating their own future proof Global Mobility strategy.

In today’s increasingly global world, businesses are finding that more of their employees are moving internationally than ever before. The reasons for these moves are vast and varied: from a 3 month project to learn new skills from an overseas team, to permanently relocating staff overseas to set up a new branch of their organisation.

As you might expect, any move that crosses borders will bring with it a number of complications and risks for both the employee and the employer. In our experience these issues fall into one of the following categories:

  • How to manage the risks and costs associated with employees moving internationally
  • How to create both a positive and a reliable experience for employees when they move

To help resolve these, and bring certainty to both the organisation and the employees affected, it is prudent to put in place a consistent approach to international moves. Our clients agree (and we  have countless stories of organisations battling either complicated approval lines, inefficient processes, or unclear policies)  although we often hear that they do not have time to put such an approach in place or simply do not know where to start.

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