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International Remote Working

The opportunity

Following unprecedented challenges to traditional working norms brought about by COVID-19, the client needed to change the way they managed their international remote workers. The client wanted to present to senior leadership the compliance implications of implementing a remote working policy, to improve employee experience and enable more flexible hiring in the future.

The solution

Starting from reviewing compliance obligations, the client has begun a journey to take control of their remote working population through exploring a defined strategy and policy. With key stakeholder buy-in, the client plans to support and educate this population, rather than dealing with the consequences of workers acting without guidance.

How we helped

We addressed the potential compliance implications through scenario planning, and helped widen the conversation to include other challenges related to remote working around sustainability, risk and data security as well as talent and reward, by preparing a presentation to educate and obtain investment from their senior stakeholders. The client was given a roadmap to create a policy to navigate all considerations for a successful implementation.


How can Deloitte help you?

With our market knowledge covering all aspects of global mobility (including remote working), we can help your organisation to review and/or design your remote working strategy to become more resilient and compliant, whilst maximising your employee experience and business efficiencies.


An impact that matters

We helped the organisation expand their remote working strategy from purely addressing compliance to taking the full impact on employees and the business into consideration.

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