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A worldwide charity with extensive experience moving their employees aboard, be it long term, indefinite or humanitarian moves, required our assistance in establishing the areas of their programme which could be improved, what common practices could they borrow from corporate organisations to further enhance their programme and how could they better link their global mobility programme to Talent. As a charity their mobility programme is inspired by their humanitarian objectives but must in parallel uphold corporate responsibility & compliance requirements.

The problem

The global mobility function itself at the charity was relatively new and previous to its set up mobility processes within the charity were relatively unstructured with limited flexibility; thus sometimes leading to frustration for the business and good talent leaving the organisation due to the inability to flex. The charity is also currently seeing a change in direction between north to south moves which further increased the need to examine its program to make sure it was fit for purpose and met the expectations of their employees, the business and donors.

The solution

Stakeholder interviews took place with a range of global mobility stakeholders at the charity to understand their view on the purpose/strategic role of global mobility, current operational effectiveness and the link between mobility and talent. The Global Workforce team then conducted a tailor made one day Lab, attend by Mobility, Talent, Reward and HR professionals from the client and Deloitte subject matter experts.

During the Lab participants:

  • Evaluated their current state to determine good practice to build upon and any areas that required improvement;
  • Reviewed market trends in order to benchmark their programme with corporate organisations and to discover the changing make up of employees;
  • Reviewed the feedback received from the global mobility stakeholders and discussed common themes;
  • Determined the mobility priorities for their core move types (standard mobility moves and humanitarian moves);
  • Reviewed their workforce segmentations for both now and in the future; and
  • Mapped out how mobility can support their talent strategies.

The outcome

The Lab was an opportunity for the client functions to share their view on how can Mobility support the charity’s vision, define a better way to collaborate and take ownership of their current challenges. It was also a chance to acknowledge the hard work they do and remind them that they all share the charity’s vision; which is their purpose for not only mobility but for all that they do.

Our Deloitte professionals were able to create a mobility proposal document capturing all the actions and decisions from the Lab, as well as create a road map which established short, medium and long term wins to help establish the mobility function within the charity and to also help embed it’s link with Talent.

Rumi Das

Head of Global Workforce Consulting

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