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I’m finally going on a business trip!

As the Covid lockdown haze clears, restrictions are beginning to lift and it feels like we are returning to some semblance of normality. And now something quite odd is happening…. I am going on a business trip – to the SAP Concur Fusion Event in Orlando to be precise. I’m excited to get the opportunity to finally meet the SAP Concur Team, whom I’ve worked with over the past few years, and to catch up in person with colleagues and friends from Deloitte and the industry.

But it’s been so long since I last had to even consider travelling that I now need to remind myself of what I need to do to prepare.

Over the last 2 years travel considerations have changed enormously. As a UK citizen, Brexit has impacted how freely I can travel into the EU. Many EU States are now enforcing the Posted Worker Directive requirements more robustly. And although my trip is to the US, there are the COVID restrictions to bear in mind… Luckily, as part of Deloitte’s Global Business Travel Advantage Team, I am familiar with the additional constraints introduced and have helped many clients implement new processes and technology systems to help their travellers remain compliant. Deloitte’s Pre-Travel Assessment Tool and our Travel Ready App have been designed to address exactly these concerns. Deloitte requires all employees use our pre travel assessment tool, so I know that I have all the information that I need before I set off. I cannot imagine navigating these changes without that support!

Time is not on my side, but I run the assessment, receive the notification that I am clear to travel subject to getting an ESTA (helpfully, there is even a link which automatically connects me to the online application form) and having the right COVID related documentation.

It’s so great to see the Covid cloud lifting and business travel ramping up again, but things have changed and so we need to be mindful of that. Now, where is my passport….?

Fatima Johnston is a Director in Deloitte’s Global Business Travel Advantage Team. She is based on our London office. She loves warm weather so was delighted to be asked to make this trip, less delighted when she saw the weather forecast…. torrential rain!

Please feel free to contact Fatima ( if you are interested in hearing more about Deloitte’s Business Travel Advantage service and/or the Deloitte - Travel Ready & Deloitte Travel Compliance Apps enabled by SAP Concur solutions.