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Extended Enterprise

Maximise revenue, mitigate risks, and strengthen relationships

We can help you manage the risks associated with third parties as well as optimise IT costs and limit operational, financial, and legal risk related to software ownership.

Third Party Management

Our third party management (TPM) professionals can assist you in developing a bespoke third party management framework to manage the risks and realise the potential in your extended enterprise. We can assist you across your TPM journey, from assessing an existing capability against industry benchmarks; to establishing a programme and an experienced team to improve your TPM framework (governance, people, process and technology) maturity. Our experienced team advises on third party risk, contract and performance management, as well as technology to enable and implement TPM practices. We can also support your TPM operations through our global managed service solution and provide technology-enabled solutions to support contract discovery, contract clause extraction, contract risk assessment and contract migration programmes.

Download our 2022 global third party risk management survey.