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Enterprise Risk Management

Managing Disruption. Identifying opportunities

We help organisations become more resilient through intelligent risk management

A continually evolving landscape


The external environment is routinely disrupted. Governments, regulators and societies around the world are increasingly focused on how organisations respond purposefully and responsibly to challenges.

Organisations need to rethink how they anticipate, plan, respond and recover from disruption, and manage uncertainty better. They need to be ready for a broad range of scenarios and show flexibility. This will require organisations to reflect, rethink and, in some cases, renew their approach to risk and resilience. The changing environment can also offer new trends and opportunities to leverage.

Driving resilience through intelligent risk management


Based on our understanding of your challenges and ambition, we aim to support you through a number of services designed to meet your specific needs.

Each company faces unique challenges and growth opportunities based on its industry, strategy and phase of the business lifecycle. We collaborate with our clients to understand and address the key challenges that management are focusing on and help to identify associated opportunities. We apply a proportionate lens, which reflects the level of understanding risk within the business, company ambition, available resources and capabilities.

Our diverse experience enables us to support clients with proactive, agile and pragmatic risk approaches. This helps us to deliver a fit for purpose and future fit Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach, enabling risk informed decisions at all levels.

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We support the risk management function across all stages of risk maturity by exploring and understanding the drivers of the organisation’s risk landscape, including emerging risks and disruptors. We provide clear insights and bespoke guidance.

Preventing a risk from escalating into an issue or a crisis, and identifying a unique opportunity associated with a risk which could offer a first mover advantage, these are powerful benefits. These benefits can be achieved through a good awareness of current and emerging risks, proactively identifying key trends and anticipating the likelihood of any disruptions or undesirable events before they happen.

Our key services in this area include:

  • Contemporary and emerging risk identification
  • Risk appetite definition and frameworks
  • Strategic risk exploration (including scenario planning and reverse stress testing).

We help leaders define and embed a future fit approach to risk, developing optimal risk management cultures and governance with strong oversight in their organisations.

The outcome of applying a risk intelligent governance approach is having enhanced confidence in achieving strategic objectives and assurance that organisations will have sustainable longevity. This is established in the boardroom and embedded at all levels of the organisation. It drives informed decision-making and sets the tone for a risk culture, which can help mitigate risk and prevent reputational and financial losses.

Our key services in this area include:

  • Risk culture evaluation
  • Risk oversight, governance and operation models
  • Risk management training and communication.

We help organisations optimise their approach to risk management by developing intelligent risk management programmes. We focus on strategy, culture and governance, operating and business models and technology, analytics and data.

A Risk Management Framework has a clear focus on Oversight, Infrastructure and Processes.  We optimise risk frameworks so that it enhances confidence in achieving strategic objectives and increases certainty when reaching critical KPIs.

Risk intelligent transformation is designed in line with the expectations of key stakeholders including society, to ensure risk management aligns with the strategy, purpose and values of the business.

Our key services in this area include:

  • Risk framework design and enhancements
  • Risk framework maturity review and roadmap planning

We help build teams, processes, reporting architecture and technologies to understand and meaningfully report on business-critical risks and their impact.

Consistent quality decisions lead to elevated business performance that rewards all levels of the organisation. We support clients with identifying and embedding the relevant risk management processes and methodologies to help improve decision making across the enterprise, capturing meaningful risk data and reporting it to key stakeholders in a timely fashion.

We work to develop a reporting framework that is flexible, dynamic, proactive and responsive to organisational challenges and opportunities. In addition, we leverage technology and obtain content from external and internal sources to create a comprehensive picture and provide holistic advice.

Our key services in this area include:

  • Dynamic risk reporting
  • Risk technology platform selection, implementation support
  • Horizon scanning

We support clients with an ERM managed service that centres on providing flexible support, tailored to the needs of the organisation.

The demands on risk management functions is highly variable. There are key concentrations of activity around essential internal and external reporting deadlines, as many organisations operate with leaner risk teams. Specialist skill-sets and experience are required to add value on an intermittent basis.

Our approach to ERM (co- or out-source services) is personalised and flexible. We provide a combination of resources to support repeatable activities in a cost effective manner, as well as subject-matter expertise to help develop your approach and assist more in technical areas. The benefits this can bring are:

  • increased efficiencies: our experienced team possess a wealth of knowledge that they can share with your in-house team, to help them adopt a more streamlined and organised approach
  • ease capacity issues: capacity issues are often a key driver for co-sourced support. We can help to relieve the pressures and demands on your team
  • market leading experience and knowledge: our ERM teams are leading experts in the industry
  • flexibility: some tasks require more resources than others and our tailored approach fits around your needs and objectives to ensure you have the right support at the right time
  • unbiased advice: as an independent third-party provider, we are well placed to provide honest and constructive feedback that will help your business achieve its objectives.

Our key services in this area include:

  • ERM co-sourcing/outsourcing
  • Outsourced strategic risk reporting
  • Outsourced operational risk assessments.

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