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Enhanced controls

Define. Optimise. Embed. Report. Predict.

Over the last five years there has been a dramatic change in the risk and regulatory environment which organisations operate within. This increased burden alongside aggressive cost reduction targets has prompted many organisations to revisit their risk, control, compliance and assurance approach to balance of cost and controls.

Our thinking

Drivers of change

Your challenges

Controls today are often:

  1. seen to slow the business down and get in the way rather than providing a clear line of sight with regard to activities,
  2. not sufficiently aligned with the business objectives resulting in duplication as well as gaps,
  3. waste significant time and resource on manual interventions and activities,
  4. do not leverage technological or digital capabilities to increase efficiency and effectiveness of control,
  5. do not consider changes in the business model for example digitisation of core processes and activities that question traditional assurance mechanisms.

There is significant opportunity to:

  1. increase light of sight into risk exposures,
  2. improve quality and effectiveness,
  3. reduce the burden on business,
  4. reduce costs.

How Deloitte can help

Our controls methodology supports the development (or re-engineering) of the end to end controls framework. Equally, selective elements can be applied to optimise existing frameworks or laser in on particular pain points.

By defining the most critical business risks that you face and your overarching risk appetite we can set the most suitable controls strategy.

Optimisation of the control set through supporting policies, process refinement will maximise efficiency and minimise cost of control.

Training and technology enablement, including digitisation, embeds change and enhances management capability.

Efficient, impactful dashboard reporting and definition of assurance activities provides a continuous feedback loop on the effectiveness of control and risk management.

Enhanced controls: A vision for next generation controls