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Corporate Security

The continued emergence of the ‘internet of things’ and increased digitalisation are at the forefront of leaders’ minds. Your organisation may be implementing the latest technology to deter cybercrime, but there are other tangible threats that may affect your business and the safety of your people.

Effective corporate security is vital to ensuring the resilience and continuity of your business operations. It allows your people to work in a safe and secure environment, and protects your critical assets, including property and information. Ultimately, corporate security helps ensure the long-term success of your organisation.

How we can help your organisation

Our corporate security specialists can help you design and implement a comprehensive security risk management framework, planned around your organisation’s strategic objectives and unique risk profile. We can advise at any stage of the security risk management lifecycle to help you develop an effective security strategy and security culture that acts as a business enabler.

Bringing business value


Getting security right has never been more important. A successful security strategy and framework, driven from the board level, should be agile, responsive and consistent with your organisation’s culture. It should follow a risk-based approach and act as a business enabler, supporting the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Why is corporate security important?

Your brand and reputation are vital to how you are perceived in the marketplace

Regulators expect you to comply with internal and external laws and regulations

Risk awareness and good security behaviours are key to protecting the organisation against security threats

Undertaking adequate risk assessments and training employees will help ensure a safer working environment

Understanding and managing your risk exposure will drive efficiency and help minimise financial impacts

Contact us

Our consultants are drawn from a broad range of industry, services and governmental backgrounds, bringing unparalleled experience in helping our clients to build organisations that are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity. We help organisations build a security vision and strategy, turning security into a business enabler and benefit, as opposed to an obstacle.

Please contact our Corporate Security Lead, Agnieszka Eile for more information.

Environmental, geopolitical and people related risks continue to be a very real and growing problem for global business