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Climate change and decarbonisation

Act on climate change. Build resilience for the future.

Pressure on businesses to develop meaningful responses to the climate crisis is increasing. The UK Government has set the country on a pathway to zero emissions by 2050, and the short-term challenge is acute: customers and employees expect action, and investors want answers. To prevent the worst impacts of climate change, decarbonised business models have to be realised quickly across all industries, from banking to biotech.

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy while adapting to more challenging operating conditions is not simple. However, the next decade is a big opportunity. Organisations that invest to protect our planet now, will be more successful in the future. They will be more resilient to the challenges ahead and gain competitive advantage.

Our climate change consulting team includes strategists, climate scientists, technologists and economists. Working together you will unlock decision-useful insights and have the courage to transform.

Whether you’re just getting started, or already transitioning, our climate change services can help you. They include:

  • Climate change education and training
    We will help your entire organisation understand the issues of climate change.
  • Climate change scenario analysis
    We will help you understand how climate change will impact your business.
  • Climate risk and opportunity assessment
    We use data-centric modelling to assess the potential cost of decarbonisation at your organisation and the risk involved.
  • Decarbonisation targets and strategies
    We help you set ambition and how to achieve it.
  • Low carbon strategy implementation
    We help you define your decarbonisation roadmap and put in place what you need to activate it.
  • Climate change reporting and disclosures assurance
    We help you report and disclose your action on climate change. Read our guide to TCFD reporting requirements and assurance considerations.

For inspiration on how to take action on climate change take a look at our content hub.