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Control with confidence and thrive

To achieve growth and be a high performing organisation, optimising controls across your business is critical. Controls are safety nets for organisations, managing risks to strategy, purpose, and processes. They’re an integrated framework of governance, risk, controls, assurance, and reporting, and they provide insights for effective decision-making.

Poor controls systems pose significant risks to organisations, from reputational damage, to penalties, loss of company value and poor operational performance. Managing this risk is increasingly challenging amidst business complexity, growing customer expectations, regulatory agendas, and disruptive shifts such as GenAI, ESG and macroeconomic impacts. That's why expert help is essential to ensure your organisation is protected so you can move forward with confidence.

Why Deloitte

At Deloitte we have highly specialised controls capabilities, a deep understanding of industries and access to expertise across the Deloitte network. We utilise data and technology at every step of the controls lifecycle to drive a digitally enabled and robust controls environment.

No matter the challenge, we can demonstrate the art of the possible with controls. Together we can build a future proof foundation that allows you to transform, optimise, and tackle challenges with confidence in your internal controls.

Value and impact for our clients

Controls have never been more important, and we are seeing internal controls increase as a priority for business leaders. As well as managing risk and keeping your organisation secure, operating in an optimised controls environment enables organisations to better navigate the constantly changing business landscape. With effective controls, you can benefit from more confidence in numbers, organisational resilience, efficiency and cost control, well-managed change, accountability and alignment, fraud prevention, top-to-bottom transparency, and a positive, trust-led culture.

With effective controls, you can secure your organisation with confidence and thrive.

If you would like to know more, contact us, we would be delighted to support you on your controls journey.

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