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Resilience in Action

Brought to you by Deloitte and the National Preparedness Commission


With resilience now a strategic issue for boards and senior management, our Resilience in Action series reflects on the core practices set out in Resilience Reimagined and explores how resilience professionals can apply those principles to help their organisations meet emerging challenges. Our six-part series covers topics at the forefront of leaders’ minds, such as new statutory requirements, supply chain transformation and resilience, and much more.

Part 1 - Preparing for the UK Government Resilience Framework

The first topic in our series looks at the re-energising of resilience at the national level. With Lord Toby Harris, Chair of the National Preparedness Commission among our guests, the latest episode of our Resilience Radio podcast explores the UK Government Resilience Framework and its implications for civil society, public and private-sector organisations.

Episode 4: Preparing for the UK Government Resilience Framework

Part 2 - What does ‘being resilient’ really mean

The second topic of our series explores how companies can consider what ‘being resilient’ really means. It makes practical recommendations for how organisations can reflect on the current state of their risk and resilience approach and define a journey to enhanced maturity.

Read our article here

Part 3 – Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chains

The third topic in our series examines the transformation of supply chains in recent years. This podcast explores how organisations can reconfigure supply chains to reduce vulnerabilities, keep critical supplies moving through shock and disruption, and build them in a way that is sustainable and supports environmental resilience.

Listen to the episode here

Watch this space for future analysis and insights from our Resilience in Action series

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