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Human Sustainability Analytics

Unlocking value through data driven human sustainability

Human sustainability is no longer an aspiration but a strategic necessity. It sits at the wellbeing, physical and psychological safety and works by holistically reconfiguring organisations, the value chain, and society to ensure that people can thrive.

Research from the Oxford Research Centre shows organisations with an emphasis on human sustainability see improved firm performance, with positive affect and happiness positively impact productivity to create thriving and market-competitive organisations. Thriving organisations also see better employee retention, reducing the costs associated with turnover and in turn being more appealing to top talent in a competitive labour market.

These outcomes are compelling, yet only 2% of organisations measure the ROI of wellbeing initiatives, and the majority do not set targets.

If you treasure it, measure it.

Our mantra is if you treasure it, measure it.
We support you in making analytics the cornerstone of your people strategy. With Human Sustainability Analytics, we empower our clients to take data-driven approaches to understand, support and optimise people value chains. Leveraging our suite of analytics capability, we help organisations create thriving workforces, empower supply chains, build resilient communities and ultimately healthier bottom-lines.

Elevating thriving workforces through data



Firstly, you need to understand the current landscape. We help you to:

  • Understand the cost of Poor Wellbeing: Addressing human sustainability saves money and ensures a more prosperous future; we help you create the case for wellbeing, by quantifying the financial and business risks of poor wellbeing in your organisation.
  • Conduct a data Landscape Assessment: Identifying your data strengths and gaps to underpin human sustainability for your organisation.


The next stage is to create your specific approach. We collaborate with you to configure your existing data capabilities, identify & propose solutions for gaps, and elevate your analytics strategy to support your human sustainability goals.

  • Human Sustainability Strategy Development: Customizing your approach to drive better people by considering your ambitions, leadership strategy, culture, operations and more, to stand up an effective human sustainability and data strategy.


We support you to set up your data strategy using fit for purpose solutions and governance frameworks to ensure success.

  • Data Governance: Ensuring data quality and compliance throughout your strategy, we help develop your data risks, controls and governance frameworks and embed these into your operations.
  • Analytics Solutions: Deriving insights to drive workforce strategies that boost human sustainability and contribute to organizational success. Our offerings vary from MI reporting to predictive analytics, across human sustainability topics and business ambitions.


Measurement of your strategy is essential. We help you identify and track what good looks like for your people and develop metrics in line with your roadmap. We also advise and support your compliance to the social reporting landscape.

  • Performance measurement: Implementing KPIs for your human sustainability strategy, to see the value of your approach.
  • Proactive Reporting: Elevating your regulatory reporting from mandatory to transparent for improved decision-making and sustainable outcomes.

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