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Future of Controls events

Upcoming and past events for Future of Controls


Your Future of Controls journey begins now and we encourage you to view and register for all upcoming events that will provide insight into the Future of Controls to support your organisation and ensure a robust controls environment.

Upcoming events:

Future of Controls Conference

Deloitte premier controls conference exploring the Future of Controls. Join us in our London office for an exiting day exploring the future of Controls, including – IA, AWS and the Cloud, ESG and much more.

14 November 2023
09:00 GMT

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Future of Controls - Autumn 2023 Webinars 


The Future of Controls and Fraud Risk


Fraud is a major concern impacting business in the UK and globally. Join our Future of Controls team and Fraud subject matter experts to deep dive on the key areas of fraud impacting businesses today.

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Future of Controls and Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)


Fundamental changes in regulation are occurring globally in the area of ESG. Join our Future of Controls team and ESG subject matter experts to explore what your organisation needs to be focus on and how this will impact your control environment.

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Future of Controls & BlackLine – A practical response to UK Corporate Reform


The first in a series of webinars exploring specific tools and applications organisations can leverage to support in delivering an efficient and effective control environment as part of a practical response to the expected UK corporate reform changes. Join our Future of Controls team and BlackLine subject matter experts to explore the various benefits of BlackLine.

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Future of Controls - Spring 2023 Webinar


UK Corporate Reform update webinar


Have you considered the impact that the recent updates to the UK corporate reform will have on your organisation? In light of the recent announcements regarding the UK corporate reform, we wanted to take the opportunity to connect and discuss the impact on organisations and their control environments.

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Spreadsheet Controls


Are your spreadsheets exposing your organisation to unmitigated risk? Every organisation has many checks and controls: these can range from manual checks all the way up to automated system controls. A significant number of controls will involve spreadsheets which are being used to support critical business decisions and processes. Has your organisation considered the risks associated with spreadsheets? In our latest blog and webinar we identify these risks and what controls will mitigate those risks to support your organisations and stay on top of the challenges that spreadsheets pose. 

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