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Culture and leadership

Powering people, performance, and reputation

Culture has the power to enhance or damage organisational performance and reputation and is ultimately the key to empowering people to navigate change and uncertainty. Strong organisational culture has been shown to increase key performance metrics including an 85% net profit increase over a five-year period (Gallup, 2023). It can also be costly to get this wrong, with research showing that low engagement costs the global economy $8.8 trillion.

It can be complex, difficult to manage and hard to change. We’re now operating in an environment where regulatory scrutiny around culture and risk culture is increasing. But when you harness the power and potential of your people through measurable behavioural change, and understand key leadership and cultural impacts, you can prioritise interventions with high ROI and set a realistic roadmap. Providing enormous competitive advantage and momentum for your organisation. Not only this, but creating thriving and productive work environments, addressing bullying and harassment in the workplace, minimising workplace incidents and saving lives.

We specialise in culture assessments, to better understand whether the attitudes and behaviours of employees are helping achieve business objectives. We create targeted change in specific areas of culture such as Wellbeing, Health and Safety, Environment and Leadership to make a difference to ways of working and ultimately a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

How can you harness the power of leadership and culture to create a thriving workforce?


Organisations must first assess cultural performance to understand strengths and behaviours. Based on evidence-based best practise, regulatory requirements, and market expectations, we can work with you to create tailored recommendations and strategies for a thriving culture and enhanced engagement. This includes:

  • Leadership behavioural analysis and assessment
  • Organisation-wide culture and risk culture diagnostic assessments
  • Health & Safety / Wellbeing / thriving workplace assessment
  • Values-based behaviour leadership workshops
  • External and internal benchmarking
  • Culture risk assessment



The next step is to create a comprehensive strategy, establishing what your leadership team want the culture to be and what to do to get there. This will consider both a bottom-up and top-down approach, helping unlock individual and team potential. We will work with you to provide:

  • Culture maturity model design and assessment
  • Bespoke culture strategy / culture framework development
  • Team and leader support and coaching


In-depth insight into cultural maturity across different business areas allows for targeted delivery roadmaps. This provides a framework for sharing exemplar best practise and highlighting business focus areas for investment, which is particularly important for global organisations with different operational and cultural approaches. We can work with you to create:

  • Cultural values and behaviour tracking
  • Training and capability uplift
  • Health & Safety / Wellbeing /Thriving workplace leadership workshops and training


Effective identification of cultural KPIs, tracking of progress and visualisation of ROI provides rich organisational insights and enables seamless reporting and better decision making. This also improves reputation as 85% of executives believe organisations should be required to publicly report their workforce wellbeing metrics. We can work with you to show this by:

  • Visualising cultural performance through values and behaviour dashboards
  • Creating culture pulse assessments including specific topic deep dives
  • Leadership effectiveness and measurement (KPIs, incentivisation, measurement framework)

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