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COP28 Conversations

Deloitte Middle East leaders’ perspectives

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Every step we take at COP28 will shape history and define our global journey towards sustainability. We bring you a series of engaging conversations with Deloitte Middle East leaders to get their perspectives on industry and regulatory trends, unique challenges and opportunities facing the region, anticipated outcomes, and more as the world prepares for COP28 at Expo City Dubai.

Mutasem leads over 6,000 professionals across 15 countries and was formerly the UAE Regional Managing Partner. He is committed to supporting the UAE in progressing their sustainability agenda and is Deloitte’s global co-sponsor for COP28. Mutasem provides his perspectives on the difference hosting COP28 in the Middle East will have on the region, the biggest challenges that CEOs he speaks to face in steering their organizations on climate transition and adaptation, and what policymakers could do to help organizations accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement goals at COP28.

Salam is Deloitte Middle East's Energy & Chemicals Leader and Deloitte’s global lead partner for Saudi Aramco at Deloitte North & South Europe. Salam has supported international, national integrated energy companies, and independents in oil, gas, chemicals, and infrastructure on business and market transformation, value chain optimization, and energy transition. Salam provides his perspectives on the potential that agreements at COP28 can accelerate strides in the Middle East regarding renewable energy, regulation being a key driver in decision making to date, as well as global trends and innovative approaches that he sees in the industry towards transitioning to a low-carbon future.

Paddy leads the Audit Practice for Deloitte in the UAE and is also a Board member in Deloitte North & South Europe. Paddy is our lead client service partner for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and has previously served as partner on the International Renewable Energy Agency. Paddy provides his perspectives on how COP28 can drive stronger private sector engagement to advance climate action, unique opportunities for the Middle East region in incorporating sustainability as well as how COP28 can address the ‘just transition’ for workers and communities affected by the shift to a low-carbon economy.

Laura is the Government & Public Sector Sustainability & Climate Lead for Deloitte North & South Europe. Laura has helped define smart cities strategies and initiatives across the region and provides her perspectives on trends that she has observed for city and regional development, how Middle Eastern cities are pioneering sustainable urban planning and architecture and how COP28 can promote policy coherence and integration across sectors to maximize the impact of regulatory strategies.

Daniel was named in the ESG Power 50 as one of the most influential ESG Leaders in the Middle East. Daniel provides his perspectives on unique challenges that the Middle East faces in incorporating sustainability and aligning with global goals, how COP28 can facilitate effective multi-stakeholder engagement to implement regulatory frameworks and his key piece of advice to business leaders.

Damian helps clients report their sustainability goals, results and impacts, and works with industry bodies and regulators to help develop standards of sustainable practices, reporting and assurance. Damian provides his perspectives on regulatory and investor expectations in the Middle East, measures that leading companies are implementing to manage their climate change impact and the opportunities that arise.

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