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Whitepaper: Unravelling the Telecommunications Security Act


The Telecommunications Security Act (TSA) represents a crucial legislative development within the UK, establishing an extensive and detailed structure for the protection of telecommunication networks and services.

Our most recent whitepaper presents an in-depth analysis, offering essential insights and identifying potential challenges that Providers might encounter. This document also introduces the Deloitte TSA Companion Tool, a unique offering in the market that specifically addresses the intricacies and requirements of the TSA.

The whitepaper covers the following:

  1. TSA – What you may have missed.
    • We explain the nuances to watch out for and why the TSA is not all or nothing.
  2. TSA tiers and layers:
    • Introduces the 'Three Layer Framework' and tiering system for telecommunication providers.
  3. Phases of the TSA:
    • Breaks down each phase (1 to 4) with a focus on specific measures and high complexity areas.
  4. Key concepts for the TSA:
    • Provides crucial concepts for providers to understand and consider in their TSA journey.
  5. Deloitte TSA Companion Tool (TCT):
    • Introduces the TCT to aid in compliance measurements and progress reporting to regulatory authorities.
  6. Deloitte's support solutions:
    • Highlights Deloitte's role as a trusted partner in implementing TSA measures.
    • Offers advisory, transformation, and operate services tailored to provider needs.

Why Read This Whitepaper:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the TSA and its implications for telecommunication providers.
  • Navigate the phased approach to compliance with detailed insights into each phase's requirements.
  • Learn key concepts essential for enhancing security practices.
  • Discover how the Deloitte TSA Companion Tool can accelerate and streamline your compliance efforts.
  • Explore Deloitte's tailored solutions designed to support providers in meeting TSA provisions.