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CYBERUK 2023 Blog:

The Ecosystem Zone - In this Place, People Are Just One Degree Away

Deloitte are sponsoring CYBERUK 2023. This is our 2nd year of supporting the Ecosystem Zone and we are thrilled to work with the NCSC to draw together all the constituent parts of the UK’s thriving cyber community. The Ecosystem Zone will again be an integral part of the conference and this year we have a theme of People & Place.

Last year, for CYBERUK 2022 I blogged on the cyber ecosystem highlighting the benefits of convening people for optimum mutualism and how innovation happens in waves – and the comparisons with surfing culture, capability and community.

I am biased but, it is fantastic to see CYBERUK 2023 come to Belfast! In the UK Cyber landscape the city is important and relevant. People are the key ingredient of the UK cyber ecosystem, but Place matters.


We want the Ecosystem Zone to convene and integrate people, to help them:

  • develop as cyber practitioners;
  • scale their product;
  • enhance their service;
  • access the talent they need; or,
  • support the next generation of budding cyber entrepreneurs.

We are drawing attention to some of the key people in the UK that can act as nodes in a UK cyber value network. People that can either help directly, or introduce the right connection - giving one degree of separation. In the Ecosystem Zone there will be a speaking corner where we will arrange to hear from these individuals. The speaking corner can also be used for 1-2-1 conversations. Come along and speak to our hosts describing your ideal connection and we will see what we can do!


There is a physical element to the cyber ecosystem and, as mentioned, Place matters! One of the exciting things about CYBERUK 2023 is that it is located in Belfast, where there is a thriving and fully developed cyber ecosystem. The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at Queen’s University Belfast was the nucleating point of the Northern Ireland cyber ecosystem. I am proud to have been CSITs Commercial Director from 2010-2016, and it is incredible to see how a laser focus on building the right Culture, Capability and Community in that physical location has reaped incredible impact for not only the local cyber community but also the UK at large. I know CSIT has some exciting news to share in the run-up to CYBERUK!

As other regions in the UK are developing their own regional cyber ecosystems, Belfast has been an exemplar for a number of years. It will be wonderful to showcase the mature and integrated community and the supporting physical assets that exist.

You’ve heard of the phrase ‘six degrees of separation’. We look forward to welcoming you to the Ecosystem Zone, where your next valued cyber ecosystem connection is just one degree away!