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Tax Litigation, Advisory and Settlement

Tax litigation, advisory and settlement

Managing tax risks has never been more important, and more difficult. Multinational organisations continue to spend time and resources managing tax controversies and disputes in both headquarter and foreign jurisdictions. Tax authorities are sharing information about companies and focusing increasingly on post implementation and motive, and not solely on pure tax technical merit or analysis.

When controversies or disputes arise, Deloitte Legal professionals provide assistance with:

  • Appeals and other legal challenges
  • Advice in relation to litigation strategies
  • Developing technical arguments and drafting advisory opinions
  • Representation and litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Pre and post implementation advice

By bringing negotiation experience with other industries and jurisdictions, we can help companies advance negotiations and unlock disputes with tax authorities and manage penalty exposures.

We have a multidisciplinary team of qualified lawyers, accredited mediators, HMRC-trained inspectors and qualified tax advisers who provide strategic advice to manage and resolve disputes efficiently and practically.