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Next generation legal due diligence

Deloitte Legal’s next generation legal due diligence solution combines process automation, machine learning and scaled human review within a digital project ecosystem, to redefine the legal due diligence process.



Our legal due diligence solution:

  • Accelerates legal due diligence by augmenting scaled human review with cutting edge technologies to expedite key steps such as document review and report creation;

  • Enhances collaboration by offering real-time access to our online platform, allowing you to engage and respond to our findings as and when they arise; and

  • Embeds your risk appetite into the legal due diligence process, bringing a proportionality and cost efficiency by focusing our attention on what matters to you most.

We focus on connecting multidisciplinary insights from the due diligence process that can be leveraged to inform/shape the wider M&A advisory service.

With coverage in over 75 jurisdictions, our platform offers one solution for your global needs.

Key features

Industrialised M&A

Our legal due diligence platform forms part of Deloitte Legal’s Industrialised M&A services - a full legal package across the M&A lifecycle with a focus on delivering business value pre and post transaction and on a repeatable basis.

Our industrialised approach to M&A provides a robust, rigorous and repeatable way of doing M&A informed by Deloitte's deep understanding and experience of transaction processes.

Our smart and focused operational support is aimed at maximising value for clients through process automation, technology and flexible resourcing, without compromising quality.

Supported by our underlying M&A advisory capability, we are optimising M&A deals by targeting specific aspects of the process where solutions can benefit business outcomes.