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FinTech in Wales

How Deloitte is supporting the fast growth of FinTech in Wales

With the fast-growing Fintech ecosystem in Wales, we are working to connect these organisations with the advice and support they need to succeed at every stage of their business journey.

The fast-growing Fintech ecosystem

At Deloitte, we’re active and passionate members of the FinTech ecosystem. We help incumbents to adapt, start-ups to grow, policy makers to develop FinTech hubs and investors to seize the next opportunity, while also creating ways for FinTech to benefit society.

Deloitte took a pivotal role in the first comprehensive grassroots analysis of UK FinTech activity. Our data-led view of the UK FinTech landscape, analysing FinTech locations, FinTech growth patterns, their strengths, the driving forces behind them and why some areas are better at producing more growth that others, contributed to the national connectivity chapter in the Kalifa Review of UK FinTech, published in March 2021.

The Kalifa review identified Wales as one of the key emerging clusters. The review discovered that the majority of FinTech activity in Wales is based in and around Cardiff where there has been an average 8% yearly growth in the number of FinTechs for the past ten years. Below are some key stats identified.

Read more about our Kalifa report, focused on Wales here.

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What we offer

Deloitte is about connection. Between humans. Between ecosystem players.

More than just an employer in the region, our people walk with a local heartbeat and work to a global scale.
We connect with local government and other leading stakeholders on evaluating FinTech opportunities nationally and locally.

Our location and scale allow us to truly make an impact that matters.

Our services

How we are supporting FinTech in Wales

FinTech Wales is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at making Welsh FinTech a pillar of the global economy - nurturing talent while connecting and enabling the sector’s ecosystem. We work closely with FinTech wales supporting through roles on an advisory panel as well as helping to identify and address skills and challenges in the sector.

To find out more about how Deloitte supports Fintech read our latest articles and blogs.

FinTech Awards Wales are designed to recognise, attract and invest in the talented FinTech Companies & professionals working in Wales. FinTech Awards Wales will recognise the achievements of the thriving FinTech sector across the country, bringing Wales’ leading innovators and digital experts together in an evening of celebration. We continue to support and endorse the awards each year and sponsor a category.

Together with Innovate Finance, we have launched an initiative that aspires to drive financial inclusion, improve financial literacy and inspire young people to explore career opportunities in FinTech call FinTech for Schools.

Working with Cardiff and Vale University, Deloitte and other financial services employers have joined forced to create unique, fast-track training programmes designed meet the growing need for skilled people to fill job vacancies in FinTech.

The training programmes include FinTech for front-end or back-end developers, and Industry 4.0, which equips participants with software engineering and web development skills that are recognised by industrial software and manufacturing organisations.

Rich Forsyth, Head of Development and Operations at Deloitte, said:

“At Deloitte we’re working hard to close the digital divide and we recognise the huge demand for tech talent in South Wales. We’re committed to supporting early careers with the Coding Academy and this is a fantastic initiative that will create real opportunities for people to develop much needed skills in digital and technology.”