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Debt, Capital & Treasury Advisory

As one of the few independent financing and treasury teams with a global reach, Debt, Capital & Treasury Advisory connects your organisation to a huge network of debt markets and lenders across a range of industries and specialities, and helps you optimise your treasury function.

Whether securing new debt, refinancing and renegotiating, or tackling debt and covenant challenges in times of distress, our team brings unmatched expertise in helping businesses unlock new value, take control of their debt and fuel stability and performance. We help our clients achieve financial resilience by establishing effective treasury policies and infrastructure, implementing efficient interest rate and FX risk hedging strategies, and enhancing liquidity management, all supported by an advanced treasury technology infrastructure.

By establishing effective treasury policies and infrastructure at any stage of a corporate’s life, we help our clients achieve financial resilience. Our leading team of experts in treasury strategy, operations and technology help you take full control over your banking, liquidity and financial risks. We ensure you have the right policies, banking and system infrastructure in place to know where your cash is; optimise all payments flow; and avoid FX or interest cost surprises.

We deliver value, expertise and action across the entire performance life cycle. Working alongside Value Creation Services, we empower organisations with debt options and management of cash and financial risks in times of transformation or turnaround to boost working capital, improve cash flow and feed into actions that enhance overall treasury and operational effectiveness. For organisations in distress, we align with Corporate Turnaround to secure alternative lending, mediate covenant breaches, cash release and lender disputes and bring an independent view to an organisation’s debt management.

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Performance Improvement helps organisations take control of and unlock their financial and operational potential, delivering impact where it's needed and when it matters most.

Our Performance Improvement team bring their diverse knowledge and experience to the market through perspectives and insights. We discuss how we work through unique challenges for our clients across a range of industries to help them build solutions that deliver an impact which matters.