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Resetting the dial: Transforming the fraud reporting and response ecosystem

It is estimated that fraud now accounts for 40% of all recorded crime, with an annual estimated cost to the UK economy of £130 billion. However, as much as 85% of fraud is not reported and only 1% of recorded incidents end in judicial outcomes.

Fraud is not a victimless crime, often causing both financial and emotional harm to individuals, communities, and businesses. Our research reveals that there is a reluctance by victims to report these crimes, confusion on how and where to report, and a lack of faith in the system when they do.

While the UK is one of the few countries to have a central fraud and cyber reporting centre, transformation is needed to improve the way in which the ecosystem as a whole is able to identify and track trends, patterns, and linkages that would help drive effective responses.

What is the solution? To make a real difference we must be ambitious and bold. As a collective ecosystem, we must seize this chance to work together and shape a fraud and cyber-reporting and response centre that builds on current foundations, and places victims at its heart. It requires an ecosystem that is agile, intuitive and maximises our collective knowledge to prevent and detect fraud and cybercrime.

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This paper is based data from a commissioned survey from Ipsos of a representative sample of UK adults aged 16 to 75, along with insights from client projects and extensive desk research.

Read about the scale and impact of the problem, and challenges around the policing response, information sharing and culture.

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Fraud is not a victimless crime. Discover the key findings from our survey, including the impact on victims and why so many fail to report these crimes.

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Fraud has reached epidemic levels. We must act now to transform the reporting and response system. Find out more about the solution.

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