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Discovering the CFO and a sustainable finance function

New regulations are rapidly changing and standardising the ESG landscape. In 2023 UK and EU requirements will require larger private, as well as listed companies to increase and enhance their sustainability disclosures. As regulatory requirements and the expectations of investors increase, so does the demand for verifiable, clear ESG data and reporting.

CFOs and finance departments have a key role to play in ESG delivery through reporting, driving value and reducing risk. The finance team has the skills and infrastructure to act as a strategist, catalyst, steward and operator to drive ESG performance across an organisation.

The Sustainable CFO has been designed to be the ESG partner for CFOs and finance departments taking on ESG responsibilities, providing finance professionals with the tools to deliver in this challenging and dynamic environment.

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Four roles CFOs are taking on in relation to ESG:

  • Strategists: Using data and new tools to integrate ESG into strategic decision making such as capital allocation, tax optimisation, capital raising, M&A and investment strategies
  • Operators: Creating an optimal operating model for their organisation with the right governance structures, skills, control environment and digital infrastructure for new ESG requirements
  • Stewards: Ensuring ESG data quality for external and internal reporting, accurately reflect the impact of ESG on accounting and preserving enterprise value
  • Catalysts: Driving ESG improvements throughout the organisation, setting KPIs, tracking and monitoring progress, integrating ESG into budget setting, internal pricing and forecasting

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