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Agile Strategy Development

Navigating businesses through difficult and complex decision making

At the heart of any business’ defining moments lie a series of decisions. These decisions carry with them opportunity but also risk. Get them right, and a business’s future trajectory is secured. Get them wrong, and future horizons may become unclear. Deloitte’s Business Modelling and Analytics practice exists to help clients navigate their business through difficult and complex decision making.

We are a dedicated modelling and analytics team, and will support you with building financial tools that evaluate the impact of future paths and enable you to identify the right type and mix of actions you can take to shape your future strategy.

An agile model timeline to deliver rapid insights

Typically working with your FP&A, Treasury and Corporate Development teams, this offering helps in shaping the M&A strategy, which would typically occur in the early stages of a transaction lifecycle.

Leveraging our experience, we can anticipate stakeholder needs, including the understanding of: working capital analysis, sources and uses, and pro-forma bridges to allow like-for-like variance analysis.

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