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The Future of Sport

Forces of change that will shape the sports industry by 2030

The pace of change in sport is formidable.

New investors and innovators are storming into the industry, sweeping in new platforms, products and events that are challenging the status quo of sport in countries and communities around the world.

In response, Deloitte has identified six macro forces of change that are shaping the future of sport and the steps every sport organisation can take to build a sustainable and trusted business to serve fans, players, workforces and commercial partners for decades to come.

The six macro forces of change shaping sport

1. Evolving Global Sports Market
A new influx of investor interest is acting as a catalyst for increased professionalisation and commercialisation across sports.

2. Next Generation of Fan
Younger generations are looking to consume sport differently, leading to fresh innovation in sport events, formats and content delivery.

3. Pace of Digital
Sports organisations are investing in new digital platforms and tools to enhance the experience of fans, players and commercial partners.

4. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Leading sports organisations are proactively approaching DE&I with a growing focus on women’s sports, participation initiatives that engage underrepresented groups and inclusive recruitment and working practices.

5. Health & Wellbeing
Positive safety developments across sports are drawing a renewed focus on the mental and physical benefits of sport and the importance of accessibility.

6. Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability
Sports organisations are adopting more sustainable practices and exploring how to gain an edge through sustainability.

The report outlines how these forces of change will impact groups across the sport industry and wider society, including:

  • Volunteers & Workforce
  • Fans & Attendees
  • Athletes & Players
  • Governments & Host Cities
  • Teams & Leagues
  • Governing Bodies & Federations
  • Investors, Partners & Sponsors, Broadcasters & Media

Download the Future of Sport to explore the macro forces for change and how sports organisations are taking steps to maximise, and mitigate, their impact.

Launch webinar: Introducing Deloitte’s Future of Sport

Watch leaders from Deloitte’s Sports Business Group discuss the trends and the opportunities they present to sports organisations in the coming years with a panel of industry experts including Chris Pollard (digital and events director at the Lawn Tennis Association), Mihir Kumar (senior director in emerging ventures at Major League Soccer) and Oscar Hall (sports lead at Salesforce). 

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