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Finance Diagnostic

Accelerating your thinking

Our experience of working with CFOs and Finance functions gives us a deep understanding of Finance good practice. Our Finance Diagnostic consolidates this knowledge into a simple to use online tool that helps you rapidly and visually understand the maturity of your Finance function and the key areas of focus moving forwards.

What is it?

The Finance Diagnostic is a rapid assessment of your Finance function that uses peer benchmarking data and our market leading ‘four faces of Finance’ framework to ensure coverage over all key aspects of the your Finance function. Completed online in the form of a simple questionnaire, it can be finished in the space of a couple of hours.

Your results are summarised in a tailored report available for download immediately after completion. Measuring your responses against industry best practice and performance benchmarks, it is a powerful catalyst for finance change and improvement.

What does it do?

  • The output summarises your results across the ‘four faces of Finance’, showing your current view of Finance, where you’d like to be in 12 months time, and a corresponding benchmark line of how your peers have responded to the Diagnostic;
  • The tool tags the various data points to specific aspects of Finance performance, which supports the determination of a maturity assessment against the following five lenses: People, Tools & technology, Processes, Reporting & Data Insights and Controls; and
  • Recognised industry metrics are used to assess your Finance function against sector peers across a number of dimensions including Cost, Cycle Time, Efficiency and Quality.

What do you get?

Your results are summarised in a bespoke report available for download immediately after completion. This includes a visual which summarises the current and future performance of your Finance function across the 'four faces of Finance' and compares this to other organisations.

The Diagnostic output is a powerful tool to use with stakeholders to emphasise the current state of your Finance function and where key investment is required to address gaps. It can be further used as the catalyst for helping you develop a future Finance plan - because even the best Finance functions need a clear roadmap to follow.

Questions the Finance Diagnostic helps address:

  • How does your Finance function compare to that of other organisations?
  • What aspects of your Finance function are performing well and what aspects might you need to improve?
  • Where should you focus your time and effort over the next 12 months?
  • How mature is your Finance function around people, systems, insight, control and automation?
  • How well does our Finance function perform across key financial benchmark against industry peers?

Interested in learning more and completing the diagnostic? Please contact someone from the team below.

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