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Mergers & Acquisitions Market Outlook 2024

Your latest deals market update

What does 2024 hold for M&A?

We provide regular Deloitte mergers and acquisitions updates on the UK M&A market, covering industry M&A outlooks, deals trends and hot topic insights. Through videos and articles, we look at how themes, such as interest rates, consolidation, and the Energy Transition, are impacting M&A activity.

In our latest update, we look at global M&A trends by comparing 2023 deal data to 2024. While 2024 has so far seen subdued global deal volumes, average deal values have increased due to the return of mega deals, especially in the corporate sector. With the pricing gap now decreasing, we expect an increase in M&A activity in 2024. We examine what we can expect across industries, the role of Private Equity in driving deals and the impact of themes such as cross-border M&A.

Watch our Summer 2024 macro perspective video

Gurm Dhillon, UK M&A Leader, looks at the latest M&A deal activity and delves into what we can expect for the remainder of 2024. He examines key trends across industries from UK fibre players consolidating, to continuing portfolio rationalisation in the Consumer industry. Gurm also looks at how Private Equity will focus on portfolio value creation through transformation, as well as portfolio mergers and acquisitions to achieve their exit returns.

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