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'This is Me'

Reducing mental health stigma

We are proud to be supporting ‘This is Me’, a pioneering campaign which aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace be encouraging workers to share their experiences with colleagues.

‘This is Me’ stories present the whole of the person, not just the condition resulting in a richer understanding of the individual and a more open culture for us all.

Turning the city green
To demonstrate our solidarity, a number of businesses across the UK, including our Manchester office, will be lit up in green. This coincides with the green ribbons which will be proudly worn by over 100,000 people to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

Mental health and Deloitte
At Deloitte, we have a long-standing commitment to mental health, and have been working to shape a culture that allows people to talk about their health concerns openly.

We created the video below profiling six of our people who are dealing with poor mental health: from the moment they realised that they needed help, to feeling confident about coming back to work.

They all have a different story to tell. But they have chosen to tell it for the same reason: to remind us that they are not defined by their experiences, and to make it easier for others to talk about mental health.

Tim’s story
“Opening up about my own history of mental health difficulties as part of the This is Me campaign was a really positive experience. I was initially hesitant, concerned about how colleagues would treat me and how it might affect my career. However, I realised I’d be succumbing to the stigma if I didn’t participate for those reasons. My wife and family were encouraging and enthusiastic and so I decided to take part. I’m really glad I did as the team made a great video and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I received lots of messages of support from colleagues who also shared their own experiences or those of people close them. For that reason alone the This is Me video was a success, colleagues were talking honestly and openly about mental health and breaking down the stigma.”

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