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Capital Projects in Infrastructure

Our team of skilled advisors collaborate with national and global clients to tackle complex infrastructure challenges and provide sustainable long-term solutions.

In response to the challenges of cost and programme deliveries, climate change impacts, and the transition to a Net Zero future, organisations are re-evaluating their approach to infrastructure and capital projects delivery. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, short-term, output-driven decisions are no longer sufficient.

Our team provides industry-leading advisory and digital services tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities organisations face in delivering infrastructure and capital projects. We have expertise in enhancing project controls, performance management, cost efficiencies, project turn around, and assurances. We support delivery programmes and optimise processes to achieve successful project outcomes.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Strategy, portfolio, and programmes: We develop strategic frameworks, optimise project portfolios, and manage complex programmes to align with organisational goals and drive successful outcomes.
  • Programme controls: We work with clients to optimise their control functions, drawing on our wealth of industry experience to drive confidence in the delivery environment.
  • Integrated operating models: We design and implement models that enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and drive efficiency across infrastructure and capital projects delivery.
  • Efficiency and productivity: We support clients to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity, optimising resource allocation, advise on commercial strategies, optimise scheduling and procurement to deliver cost efficiencies and improve project performance.
  • Assurance and recovery: We provide comprehensive services to assess project performance, manage risks, and develop recovery plans for successful outcomes and minimised disruptions.

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