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Striving for balance: women in finance report 2024

Driving greater diversity and inclusion within the finance function

April 2024 | 27 min. read


This study explores the views and experiences of 82 professionals across all industries, grades and genders working in the finance function. The report focuses on the current challenges of gender diversity as well as what more can be done to recruit, retain and advance women throughout their careers.

Attracting more women into the organisation

Recruiting a diverse workforce brings fresh perspective, innovation, and creativity to an organisation. The report explores the challenges women face in the recruitment process, including gender bias in job advertisements and interviews, and unconscious bias in decision-making, as well as, how to combat these issues to attract more women into an organisation.

Helping women thrive in the organisation

The report explores how the impact of factors, such as lack of succession planning, can hinder women’s progress and delves into the present challenges with retaining women. It also suggests ways to create the right environment to prevent women from reaching a ‘cliff edge’.

Removing progression barriers for women

From policies to support networks, the report sheds light on the crucial elements that enable women to thrive and advance in their careers, including supporting working mothers and closing the say-do-gap.Download the full report

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