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Lessons learned from scaling GenAI In October 2023, Deloitte UK rolled out PairD (pronounced “Paired”), our first in-house productionised Generative AI platform that was released to 75,000 colleagues across Europe. This report captures some of the key lessons learned from this experience, and provides a reference for organisations that are similarly looking to deploy and scale generative AI across large and complex ecosystems. Read More Deloitte introduces PairD for its workforce The AI magazine reports on PairD, a virtual helper created for Deloitte employees by Deloitte's AI Institute in the UK. The article discusses the aims of PairD and a general overview of its capability. It also discusses the partnership with Scope, a charity which Deloitte is working with to provide access to Generative AI to its employees. Read More Generative AI Dossier

A selection of high-impact use cases across six major industries

Our Generative AI Dossier serves as a roadmap to effectively deploy Generative AI solutions at scale. It features 60 of the most compelling, business-ready uses cases illustrating how this technology can enhance productivity and personalize processes, ultimately helping you to make informed decisions on Generative AI strategy, investment, and implementation.

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AI Carbon Footprint Calculator Explore the future of sustainability with our AI Carbon Footprint Calculator. A tool that empowers you to measure the environmental impact of projects with precision, backed by the latest research. Make informed decisions and pave the way for a sustainable future. Read More AI Complexity Calculator The AI complexity calculator is designed to help you measure the complexity of an AI project and determine the key requirements for success Read More AI in tackling climate change In this talk, we will explore the role of Artificial Intelligence in significantly reducing carbon emissions Read More
Insights Lessons learned from scaling GenAI Generative AI in finance: 2023 lookback, 2024 outlook A CEO'S Guide to scaling the Generative AI Enterprise A CEO'S Guide to Envisioning the Generative AI Enterprise How startups can accelerate your generative AI journey Walking the tightrope: As Generative AI meets EU regulation, pragmatism is likely Driving AI innovation in product design Deloitte introduces PairD for its workforce Now decides next. Is Europe ready for Generative AI? 2024: The year we scale Generative AI Open vs. closed-source Generative AI Deloitte Digital's latest research forecasts Generative AI’s transformation of content marketing Generative AI: Boon or bane for the planet? Generative AI: 60 Business-Ready Use Cases 3 ways Generative AI is changing the world of content AI around the world The legal implications of Generative AI The AI-powered bank – what impact will AI technologies have on a bank’s operating model? Competition and market dynamics in Generative AI AI Ethics in the Intelligence Lifecycle – A Perspective on Change Generative AI and Fraud – What are the risks that firms face? AI and risk management Five Actions for Boards to Consider in the Era of Generative AI Generative AI and Padel Data governance perspectives on Generative AI The Future of Publishing in the Age of Generative AI More than four million people in the UK have used Generative AI for work HPE CTO: ‘Lean Into AI—With Guardrails’ Surveyed CEOs Expect Generative AI to Drive Growth, Efficiency Building Trustworthy Generative AI Deloitte AI Institute’s New Generative AI Dossier Reveals Key Business-ready Use Cases for Generative AI Deployment Intellectual property and Generative AI Generative AI and the financial sector Riding the Generative AI wave The chief data officer in government: A CDO Playbook 2023 2023 Quality Engineering Trends Report Deloitte Expands Strategic Alliance with NVIDIA to Unlock Value of Generative AI Across Enterprise Software Platforms Quantum computing: Rapid innovation and patenting Luxury On Air The agents are coming Navigating the sociocultural implications of Generative AI in education Large Language models: the missing link in corporate intelligence Picture this: Integrating AI image generation within Miro and benefits of rapid prototyping Welcome to the Deloitte UK AI Institute’s Generative AI blog series Novel and Exponential Technologies (NExT) Generative AI: a glimpse of the future Embedding controls and risk mitigations throughout the Generative AI development lifecycle How Generative AI Changes Organizational Culture Proactive risk management in Generative AI The role of enterprise risk management in Generative AI Deloitte Announces Strategic Alliance Expansion to Help Solve Industry Challenges With Google Cloud Generative AI Deloitte Announces Expansion of its Relationship With AWS to Leverage AWS’s Bedrock Generative AI Service Unlocking the power of AI Deloitte Launches Generative AI Practice to Help Clients Harness the Power of Disruptive New AI Technology Generative AI - Risks and controls Artificial Intelligence: An updated approach to EU liability legislation Benefits and limitations of Generative AI Internal Audit hot topic: Digital risk - artificial intelligence The Green Room Podcast: Can AI help us be more human? Generative AI: Navigating Risks and Ethics Shining a light on the UK | The State of AI in the Enterprise, 5th Edition MLOps report: Coming soon! Accelerating drug discovery & development History of Women in AI Novel Design Classification with CLIP Automation Bias: What Happens when Trust Goes too Far? Frown, step back, wrinkle and sigh … for DALL·E 2? A review of Explainable AI (XAI) concepts, techniques, and challenges How generative AI is changing creative work Timeseries Generative Adversarial Networks - Current Account Transactions The role of AI in tackling climate change Zero-shot classification: Winning Kaggle competitions with CLIP Ed on the Metaverse A new approach to managed services: Data and AI How to get better results from AI deployment State of AI in the Enterprise - 5th Edition Could technology make us more active? Metaverse Use Cases in the Manufacturing Industry 5 Ugly Truths about Data and How to Win at AI Regardless Using AI to kickstart climate change fightback Sulabh on AI Measuring your algorithms performance NVIDIA X Deloitte: New AI services on the NVIDIA platform State of AI in the enterprise, 5th Edition Double-down on the Customer Experience Data Drives a Better Employee Experience Transformed Health Care Ecosystems Technology strategies that can drive sustainability Will the metaverse make work better? Explainable AI unleashes ML potential in Banking AI Heals One Business's Health Care Challenge Automation with Intelligence AI and Computing in Oncology Retail: The Digital Customer Journey A Gentle Intro to Natural Language Processing Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Trustworthy AI: lessons from the pandemic Understanding the proposed EU AI act Creating a Winning Strategy Cyber AI: Real Defence AI and risk management A New Era for AI Regulation: The EU AI Act Building successful AI teams Strengthening our AI foundations: Getting the data right Deloitte launches Unlimited Reality Explaining explainable AI The AI Complexity Calculator Affective Computing Developing advanced analytics capabilities in the NHS How to train your consultants: Reinforcement Learning in a multiagent game environment Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence part 2 DALL.E: A creative step towards general Artificial Intelligence Using AI and automated decision-making to improve clinical care in the NHS Cloud AI enabled analysis for cancer treatment development Machine Learning Operations - is not just about Artificial Intelligence it is about changing the way you do business The AI Dossier AI Partner Innovation Event: Conception X Leveraging digital feedback for customer centricity Ten ways AI can be used for good Bold Predictions About the Metaverse NVIDIA and the battle for the future of AI chips Dynamic data is the key to gaining an AI accuracy boost The impact of AI Scaling the AI maturity curve Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence Understanding the post-pandemic railways Exploring Emotional AI use cases No data, no problem. 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