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Annual report insights 2019

Surveying FTSE reporting

Change and uncertainty are the new norm in business. Uncertainty in political and economic environments, the impact and uncertainty of climate change and changes in societal expectations of business present a broad set of risks, demanding focus on long-term value creation, business resilience and license to operate. Changes in investors’ and society’s expectations have translated into the government’s governance reform agenda and a growing demand for better corporate reporting that responds to the need to understand broader risks and business impacts.

Our yearly survey scours the annual reports of 100 listed UK companies, spread across the FTSE, both in terms of size and industry. To help companies face the challenges this change presents we examine the entire annual report, providing insight and inspiration ahead of the next reporting season.The results, together with our insight, help to identify key regulatory challenges and opportunities to enhance your report and avoid potential pitfalls. Download the report to find out more!

Highlights for you to consider

Questions for you to consider in preparing your own report, where you can benchmark your answer against our findings, are set out below. These include issues relating to Brexit, companies’ social licence to operate, value creation for different stakeholders, climate change, employee engagement and key reporting metrics.

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