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Customer interaction analytics coupled with data science expertise, to improve quality and compliance, and drive efficiencies across your contact centre operations.

Introducing Truevoice

When running a contact centre, it’s important to listen to all of your customers if you want to be confident in the levels of quality, compliance and customer experience your business is delivering.

Sifting through millions of customer interactions manually may not be feasible, but if you don’t review them all, how can you be sure those that need your attention, get your attention?  That’s why we built TrueVoice.

Our technology solution allows you to automatically review all customer interactions across multiple channels – providing more insight, in less time, and with fewer resources.

TrueVoice goes beyond the standard approach to basic speech analytics, as it not only reviews what was said, but also, how it was said, using emotion and behaviour analytics. It then augments this with machine learning models specific to your industry. So whether you’re a bank looking to automate your compliance framework or a hospitality business wishing to increase sales, we’ll tailor TrueVoice to highlight the interactions you’re most interested in. Plus, with data scientists continually optimising the machine learning models, and with industry and risk experts on hand to deliver findings and recommendations - we provide the actionable insights you need for a more efficient and effective contact centre.

Put simply, it is a smarter way to listen and take action.

Key statistics


of calls identified for channel shift¹


more likely to identify customer dissatisfaction vs. previous process¹


reduction in call review time with 70% of the quality monitoring process automated²

What our clients say


Automate your quality monitoring

By moving from a manual review of approximately 1% of interactions to a statistically robust level of automated review, you can focus your supervisors’ time on the interactions that are of most interest to you.

Improve measurement of agents’ performance

Using the highly configurable quality score carding system, you can more efficiently review the performance of your agents. This allows you to reward and learn from your highest performers, using best practice examples to shape training for those agents who need additional support.

Deliver operational efficiencies

TrueVoice delivers the insight you need to help optimise key contact centre processes and lower operational costs, by reducing failure cost, and improving First Contact Resolution, as well as identifying any underlying causes of inefficiencies and opportunities for channel shift.

Improve customer experience

By benchmarking all contact centre interactions across a customer journey, you have the insight you need to promote consistent outcomes for all customers, improving customer experience and reducing churn. TrueVoice can help you predict potential complaints before they happen so that your agents can be more proactive in resolving issues quickly.

Reduce risk

By monitoring all of your customer interactions, you can enhance regulatory compliance and reduce risk; ensuring you protect your most vulnerable customers.

Holistic expertise

Providing actionable insights with a solution tailored to your business.

We offer more than a standalone software capability, because we want to continually uncover actionable insights that will make a difference to your business. Pre-defined machine learning models tailored to your industry allow us to get going quickly, with our data scientists continually optimising these for your business, without disrupting performance. And, with expertise spanning industries, contact centre transformation and risk, our specialists help you focus on the right actions across both strategic decision making and operational execution.



Key features

The TrueVoice platform is fully secure and includes features such as:

  • Pre-built dashboard
  • Omnichannel customer journey analytics
  • Outcome-based insights
  • KPI insights
  • Integrates corporate metadata
  • API integration
  • Securely share audio and transcripts
  • Mask sensitive data
  • Pre-built industry machine learning models
  • Sentiment and emotion analysis
  • PCI and PII compliant
  • Use case appropriate sampling
  • Configurable Quality Management module
  • Audio Quality assessment
  • Vendor agnostic – can integrate with your technology stack

How it works

Case studies

Hospitality: improving the customer's experience

Supporting our hospitality client to reduce operational costs whilst at the same time improve their customer experience and oversight.

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Banking: becoming more efficient, effective and compliant

Helping a large retail bank manage regulatory requirements whilst improving customer experience.

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Demo videos

By automating your call reviews, you can focus your supervisors’ time on the calls that are of most interest to you.

By identifying reasons for customer calls, TrueVoice allows you to focus your efforts and your agents to improve efficiency.

TrueVoice highlights calls with potentially vulnerable customers to ensure they are treated appropriately.

Truevoice collaborations

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1Based on specific client engagements

2Based on an average across multiple clients