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Bringing intelligence to help you optimise your trade spend with speed and accuracy

Always on and always learning

TradeIQ is a powerful ally for high performing sales and growth – and with less time spent on planning you have more time to focus on delivering value to you consumers and customers.

Rising inflation, rapidly shifting consumer behaviour and an uncertain geopolitical environment. Three of many reasons why rear-view planning of trade promotions, is no longer the right approach for consumer goods businesses today. Whilst they have learnt to capture significant value from traditional revenue growth management fundamentals: pricing, promotions, assortment, and trade; a system with singular focus on fundamentals is not enough to meet the challenges of these external pressures, nor respond to advances in data and analytics or channel shifts following an explosion in omnichannel play.

Key account managers (KAM's) must respond quickly and with agility, often re-planning several times throughout the year. Rightly so, given trade promotions are one of the most expensive and time-consuming initiatives your business undertakes.

Technology can hold the answer, allowing businesses to consume vast amounts of data and replan quickly. However, these ‘one-size-fits all’ solutions often over-promise and under-deliver. We believe there is a better way.

Our goal is to equip KAMs and growth managers with a genuinely useful solution that helps them plan with speed, ease, and accuracy. We integrate multiple external and internal sources of data; and apply advanced machine learning and AI capability to determine the optimal promotion plan.

We understand there is no ideal ‘off-the-shelf’ solution in the complex world of consumer goods. We take the time to understand your organisation, bringing to bear our deep industry insight, configuring the solution to meet your unique needs so that you can focus on what you do best – rethink strategy, reshape proposition and rewire growth.

Empower sales teams to meet market challenges with confidence, maximise ROI and deliver excellent results for the customers.


reduction in planning time


incremental NSV


improvement on forecasting accuracy vs manual planning


Trade IQ can quickly deliver a return on your investment by enabling you to:

Speed-up the planning process

Powered by AI, Advanced Analytics and Automation to cut down the planning time by 75%, effectively removing manual data processing. So what was once an annual task, is now an always-on optimization focused on delivering P&L objectives.

Global reach, local insight

As a global network in over 150 countries, we bring local experts in every market to ensure that the solution is local first, but not local only. This helps us to configure in-market variances in pricing, consumer trends, customer constraints and other local success models.

Multiple scenario-based planning

The ability to compare multiple scenarios in one solution, helps you to account for all trades off across GM, NSV growth, market share, trade investment for example, and still achieve your specific P&L objectives.

Make better strategic decisions with confidence

With all data in one place, the tool helps to build a full picture of an ideal trade promotion landscape; giving you robust insights and recommendations across the right promotion choices to help account leaders make informed, strategic and tailored decisions that maximise their P&L goals.

Improve customer relationships and credibility

Access to clear insights and actions that deliver on mutual objectives, help Key Account Managers to build credibility and strengthen their relationship with customers.

Deliver at scale to meet your long-term growth objective

We bring Deloitte’s data science and data engineering expertise to offer in-house support to manage your Revenue Growth Management (RGM) transformation programmes. Providing you not with just the software, but embedded expertise to drive adoption at scale.

Case study: Global Consumer Products

Our solution was able to transform the planning process by leveraging true optimisation to automatically build promotion plans that best support business objectives.

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Optimise your promotion plans with ease, speed and accuracy.