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Surveillance Grid

A low-cost, scalable monitoring solution to help financial institutions detect anomalies and potential incidents of misconduct.

The Challenge

Financial institutions have been fined more than $240billion since the financial crisis, with a significant portion of this due to control failings and the inability to effectively monitor for compliance and conduct risk.

In an effort to safeguard institutions from these behaviours, more and more rigorous regulatory obligations have been introduced. But whilst organisations are keen to remain compliant, keeping track of behaviour and watching for anomalies is a difficult and time consuming challenge. Traditional monitoring methods conducted in silos have proved to have limited effectiveness while often generating large volumes of false positive alerts and causing unnecessary resourcing burdens.

Businesses are in need of a consolidated, cost effective, scalable solution they can trust to manage surveillance, run supporting operations and return accurate insights on a global scale.

Surveillance Grid is designed to proactively detect these anomalies and potential incidents of misconduct in order to significantly reduce the risk of non-compliance against regulatory standards. It can be tailored to your requirements, allowing you to monitor the specific risks of interest to you in both the first and second lines of defence.


Provides a robust, controlled environment

Information is available to users with the appropriate rights, including an end-to-end workflow and approval process.

Gain greater insights

Clear dashboards and metrics to produce deeper insights into trader behaviour allowing you to better monitor and manage risk.

Reduce costs

Access to an integrated, cloud-based platform that provides a single environment for monitoring across 1st and 2nd lines of defence, whilst removing the need for multiple systems.

Adhere to regulation

A platform that is built by industry experts which is regularly reviewed against industry standards and regulatory expectations.

Tailored to your business

Deloitte works collaboratively with you to calibrate the platform for your business and develop a roadmap to build additional capability while providing ongoing support.

Improves data quality

Helps generate a richer, consistent and accurate data set by running a series of processes designed to sanitise, cleanse and normalise all data sets.

Key features

Surveillance Grid includes the following key features:

  • Automated alerting of compliance risks with customisable scoring
  • Comprehensive dashboards of graphs and KPIs
  • Collaborative workflow with full auditability
  • Flexible calibration of alerting detection thresholds
  • Bespoke case management
  • Access to Deloitte regulatory and compliance experts

Surveillance Grid: An independent, dynamic and integrated end-to-end surveillance portal

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