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Ensure you are maintaining high quality and accurate SCV files for your financial organisation

The Challenge

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive (DGSD) requires banks and building societies to keep track of their customer deposits so that, in the event of financial failure, individuals can have access to their funds quickly. To make sure banks are always ready to comply with this, the regulators can request proof at any time in the form of Single Customer View (SCV) files.

Producing these files on demand can be challenging. Banks have large data sets to process and submit, and it’s difficult to know whether the files produced are accurate, complete and compliant. This is why we developed SafeDeposit. It helps banks to have the right data in the right format for each customer so whenever they receive a request from the regulator (FSCS and PRA), they’ll be ready.

SafeDeposit is able to interrogate your SCV or Exclusion file; testing for non-compliance with the rules and identifying any issues with data integrity and data quality. It provides detailed reporting of any issues identified, so you can adjust your systems and data on your own terms; giving you confidence in the accuracy and compliance of your files.


Improves data quality

SafeDeposit helps you to understand the level of quality within your SCV submissions, so that you can adjust appropriately.

Develops your processes

By identifying systemic issues within your SCV generation process, SafeDeposit helps you to scope improvements to your system.

Provides clear next steps

SafeDeposit delivers actionable record level results, so action can be focused and tracked.

Builds confidence

SafeDeposit gives you confidence in your ability to comply with the regulations at any time.

Key features

SafeDeposit includes the following key features:

  • Detailed analysis with over 200 tests
  • Detailed record level results by test
  • 10 years of industry knowledge incorporated
  • Key field summaries
  • Priority summary of test results
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Secure data handling
  • Choice of delivery methods to suit your needs
  • Two data transfer methods

How it works

Interested in SafeDeposit?

You can start your compliance check by reading the latest FSCS Q&A document, or request a demo to find out how SafeDeposit can help your business stay compliant.