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Product Governance

Giving financial services organisations complete visibility of their product suite, to assess fair value, enable effective governance, quick decision making and help mitigate risk.

Introducing OneView

It is more important than ever to have risk-based and robust governance for all the products in your portfolio and all the markets you sell in.

Product governance requirements will vary depending on your organisation’s role in manufacturing and/or distributing the product, the product type, target market and distribution channel. This includes requirements to undertake Fair Value Assessments on products and review value information from the distribution chain.

Despite the complexity, many organisations are still storing product information across a number of spreadsheets and systems, with approvals often in the depths of inboxes. This makes it nearly impossible to demonstrate effective governance and quickly access information on your products.

OneView has been built to transform the way you govern your products. By providing a consistent, risk-based and global approach, OneView provides you with the framework you need to manage your products and help mitigate the risk of regulatory failures and reputational damage. This supports you in addressing key regulations including the Consumer Duty, Fair Value Assessment requirements, GI Pricing Practices, SMCR, MiFID II and PROD.

OneView has been designed to meet the needs of different product types, distribution channels, operating models and local requirements to provide flexibility and a proportionate application wherever it is adopted. With all your product information in one place, you have complete visibility of your products.


Access robust audit trail to demonstrate compliance

OneView stores a robust audit trail of product information including work undertaken to design products, undertake Fair Value Assessments and review product performance. This includes approvals from accountable individuals so that you can demonstrate to the regulator you have undertaken appropriate steps to remain in compliance.

Build leadership confidence through central assurance with local flexibility

OneView enables a central yet risk-based framework to provide effective oversight of products launched in multiple jurisdictions. The framework sets out the required product reviews that must be completed before launch to give confidence to leadership.

Support strategic change across your product portfolio

Product hierarchies can be set up within the system to understand, consolidate and standardise your product set. This provides clear visibility of all your products, allowing you to more easily make strategic changes, such as greater standardisation or innovation.

Ensure best practice approach

Our risk and regulatory expertise is embedded within the solution to provide industry best practice. We can also advise on how your existing product data can be consolidated within OneView. We can share best practice for governance committees and operating models, as well as guidance on proportionate application of the regulatory requirements depending on the nature of your products, distribution and customers.

Simplify and enhance processes

OneView’s framework allows for a risk-based approach so you are focussing on the appropriate topics for your products. Processes are structured according to the level of risk associated with that product, which can result in either simplified or enhanced due diligence to support product approval and review.

Improve collaboration across stakeholders

OneView allows teams to collaborate and manage products more easily, and creates a greater sense of accountability. Tasks, actions and approvals can be assigned to different users, improving consistency by providing one framework for data input right across the organisation. Data can also be requested from the distribution chain, so you can undertake Fair Value Assessments of products based on appropriate information.

Key features

OneView includes the following key features:

  • Simple set up
  • Single, global solution
  • Robust audit trail
  • Governance and assignment of roles
  • Highly configurable
  • Risk-based framework
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Easily retrievable records

How it works

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Discover complete visibility of your product suite, to enable effective governance, quick decision making and help mitigate risk.