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Making IFRS 16 compliance easy for businesses with smaller lease portfolios.

The challenge

2019 sees the start of a whole new approach to lease accounting with the implementation of IFRS 16 - the new accounting standard requiring companies to bring leases on balance sheet. It’s great news for financial transparency, but a challenge to implement.

That’s why we developed LeaseLight: a cloud based solution that allows you to collect and manage all of your lease portfolio data in one place. 

LeaseLight includes the following key features: Companies have many data points when it comes to their lease portfolios, so when you consider the time it would take to process this amount of data in line with the complexities of IFRS 16, it’s easy to see why a manual process or simple spreadsheet solution wouldn’t be up to scratch.

It keeps business disruption to a minimum and makes it easy for you to calculate the right figures for your reported accounts. For businesses with a smaller lease portfolio, it's the ideal light touch solution.


Save time and money

LeaseLight is quicker and cheaper to implement than a manual process and more competitively priced than many other technology solutions.

Simplify year-end compliance

By managing your lease information and lease calculations all in one place, year-end procedures are made much easier.

Improve forecasting

By calculating the projected future impact of your lease portfolio on your income statement and balance sheet, LeaseLight enables better financial forecasting and planning.

Increase data governance

Multiple users from any geographical location can access the online lease management interface, and the tool provides a clear audit trail of any changes made.

Key features

LeaseLight includes the following key features:

  • Cloud hosted
  • Multiple user access
  • Excel based outputs for simple ERP entry
  • Ability to interrogate down to lease level
  • Forecasting and planning functionality
  • Shadow reporting under IAS 17
  • Fully transparent calculation approach
  • Audit trail of lease modifications

How it works

Interested in LeaseLight?

Making IFRS 16 compliance easy for businesses with smaller lease portfolios.