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Go Verify

Every employee, everywhere in the world must be legally permitted to work. Proving Right to Work can be complex and challenging for both candidates and HR professionals alike. That’s why we at Deloitte developed Go Verify, the world’s first global Right to Work technology.

Using technology to drive employer compliance…

Go Verify is an innovative tool that verifies any candidate’s Right to Work no matter where in the world they are employed. Powered by the Deloitte legal professional network and developed in conjunction with our globally recognised technology experts, our Right to Work tool gives you everything you need to onboard with confidence. 

Go Verify has in-built global Right to Work regulations and logic that drives compliance across all possible scenarios, with smart question prompts providing exceptional user experience. This, coupled with advanced facial recognition and document authentication technology, will help to strengthen your Right to Work programme and aid your compliance obligations.


  • The most comprehensive Right to Work check system available – The Go Verify technology covers global Right to Work rules and document requirements, recognising all document types from around the world that prove Right to Work and every candidate scenario;
  • Reducing admin and saving time with process efficiencies delivering Right to Work results in seconds;
  • Sophisticated integration options available – a flexible tool available for immediate use, with the option to seamlessly integrate with your local and global onboarding tools and procedures;
  • One truly global experience for all users as the Go Verify end-to-end process is the same no matter where in the world the Right to Work check is completed;
  • Government accredited in the UK as an Identity Service Provider (IDSP) to provide your statutory excuse and meet your compliance obligations. Tool and provider both accredited; and
  • Candidate experience – Go Verify is fully mobile enabled without the pain of downloading an app.


The Digital Platforms

  • Candidate web app: Designed by user experience experts, Go Verify provides simple to follow steps on your candidate’s mobile device meaning they can complete their check securely and on the go;
  • HR portal: A dynamic and streamlined HR portal delivering a live view of Right to Work compliance across the world and a final comprehensive Right to Work report to evidence full compliance for your employees; and
  • Manager App: An easy-to-use platform dedicated to manager’s facilitating the completion of mandatory face to face checks for their new team members.



The Logic

  • Use of sophisticated algorithms to cross check data against your candidate information;
  • Powered by a legal global rules engine to customise the check and request documentation specific to each candidate for a quick and easy process; and
  • Authentication of document authenticity and candidate identity to confirm your employee is who they say they are.



The Managed Service

  • Direct support from Deloitte’s dedicated team to help support your Right to Work programme and manage your compliance.



How it works:

  1. Candidate data received by Go Verify; 
  2. Automated Right to Work check initiated and completed by candidate; 
  3. Assessment of data, identity and documents to verify Right to Work; and
  4. Data and Right to Work report shared to enable you to stay compliant.

Global Employer Immigration Services

Go Verify was developed by Deloitte’s Global Employer Services (GES) Immigration team – one of the largest immigration teams in the world. With thousands of global professionals, the GES Immigration team understand better than anyone the importance of making Right to Work checks as straightforward for businesses as possible, and the potential financial and reputational consequences for employers who get it wrong. The development of Go Verify was driven by that expertise to deliver a service that businesses need in a package that cannot be bettered.

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