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Connected Patient Hub: Empowering patients with real-time connections to care teams

Configurable modular platform for personalised remote patient care


Putting patients at the centre of their care



ConvergeHEALTH™’s Connected Patient Hub (CPH) platform enables personalised treatment, more efficient workflows, and improved visibility of adherence to at-home care plans. With CPH, caregivers and patients can enjoy easy, secure connections to trusted medical providers, resulting in smarter care that is more personalised, efficient, and effective.

Connected Patient Hub is an AWS cloud-based data management platform that enables HL7/FHIR compliant data to integrate from one platform to another seamlessly within your current and future infrastructure. CPH holds software development kits that accelerate the creation of bespoke patient and health care provider facing applications to support your virtual wards and manage elective care pathways. We can co-create a powerful tool through an accelerated multi-phase development process, fit for purpose and ready for use.

Why Connected Patient Hub?



  • Establish the foundations for a modular and connected ecosystem to support patients and care teams
  • Empower patients on their own health journeys with interactive use case specific applications available on their own devices
  • Collect and utilise robust health data to enhance clinical decision making and patient focused, remote care
  • Create a holistic, personalised approach to care plans and proactive health maintenance

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The Connected Patient Hub difference

The future of virtual health are the connections it enables. Those connections take place via an enterprise-wide platform that links multiple capabilities and methodologies seamlessly to create a unified, holistic patient experience.

ConvergeHEALTH’s Connected Patient Hub solution builds on Deloitte’s foundation of healthcare expertise, differentiated and impactful products and services, and industry - leading capabilities in customer experience design and data-driven personalisation.

Envisioning a Data-Driven, Consumerised Patient Experience

A data-driven approach that guarantees patient privacy will be essential to consumerising the patient experience.

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