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Cloud Data Platform

The accelerator that helps organisations harness the power of their data


Whether you're looking to understand how to increase customer lifetime value, how to better optimise your prices, or how to reduce operational costs to serve, it's likely you're sitting on all the data you need to help you understand the next best action.

The challenge is that it's often difficult and time consuming to find and combine the right data, and even harder to then apply the analytics and data engineering required to deliver the insight you're looking for.

So we've built a data platform accelerator to help you get hold of your data and make it work for you — quickly and easily.

Our platform accelerator is pre-built with all the capabilities you need (from data storage to machine learning), integrating best in class tooling that has been tried and tested, and that we know can deliver for you. It's robust, secure and can be deployed to whichever cloud provider you prefer.

So instead of spending months getting started, you can stand up the infrastructure you need quickly and hit the ground running.

Build your data platform with us

Explore the pre-built components and foundations that help us to build a platform with you quickly.


Accelerate your time to value

By taking advantage of our pre-designed and tested cloud and event-driven data/AI platform accelerator, you can cut solution build time by up to 70% compared with traditional cloud platform deployments. This of course reduces the effort from your under-resourced IT teams, but more importantly it gives you access to critical business insight, faster.

Use data insight to unlock cost efficiencies

By quickly generating insight from your data that you didn't previously have, you can uncover previously unnoticed cost saving opportunities. Working with one large insurer, our accelerator produced analytics that enabled them to reduce operational costs to serve customers by 10%, a circa £7 million saving.

De-risk your IT investment

Our platform accelerator was developed following a best in class assessment of a wide range of products and tooling available from leading cloud providers (including Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure). This not only reduces the time you spend on the tools assessment, it also reduces the risk of investing in technology that doesn't compliment others as we have already tested the product combinations. The choice of tooling also makes the platform portable from one cloud to another, helping mitigate the risk of asset re-development and without compromising on performance. Furthermore, it prevents you from vendor lock-ins and allows flexible external tool plug-ins.

Access real-time advanced analytics

Gone are the days of traditional back-office MI reporting on historical business performance; our accelerator helps you to meet today's requirements for real-time data science. As well as streamlining data processing and the provision of data analytics and machine learning on an event-driven architecture, it also allows you to easily set up interactive reporting dashboards, data visualisations and models.

Be secure by design

Robust in-built security and privacy features support the storage and provision of your most prized data assets. This includes secure data encryption, role-based access controls and identity and access management. We've designed the platform accelerator specifically for financial institutions to help ensure you're meeting industry standards for privacy, processing sensitive data, security and regulatory compliance e.g. GDPR, ISCO/IEC certifications, SOC 2/3 audit and security standards like PCI DSS.

Deliver digital transformation more effectively

Legacy systems can hold your organisation back from delivering its digital transformation objectives. By quickly replacing your old data platforms, you’ll unlock data engineering capabilities that were not previously possible. It also supports modern and agile data engineering and delivery approaches (e.g. DevOps), which enable faster solution development and deployment.

Build a solution that's tailored to your business

The secure cloud foundation is deployed through pre-built "infrastructure as a code" that can easily operate in your preferred environment (AWS, Google Cloud or Azure) or even a multi-cloud environment. It can also integrate with any of your existing internal systems (e.g. customer databases) as well as external third-party data sources through open APIs. Working with you to define your use cases, we can help you quickly build a solution that delivers you the insight you need for the actions you need to take.

Helping you transform your data...

...into the insight you need

Improve customer lifetime value

Increase customer retention rates

Uncover cross-sell opportunities across your product/service portfolio

Increase ROI and conversation rates on marketing campaigns

Increase volume of digital sales through company app and website

Reduce operational cost to serve

Better understand customer propensity to buy

Monitor and track granular product performance

Increase confidence of ROI on CAPEX investments

Take the first step

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