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Privacy statement

Privacy Summary

We recognize that you value your data and privacy and Deloitte is committed to protecting your information by handling it responsibly and safeguarding it using appropriate security measures. The following statement sets out how and when we collect, use and share your personal and organisational  information that you provide to us through your participation in the Digital Transition Lab interactive experience.

Digital Transition Labs are managed by Deloitte LLP with registered office 1 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3HQ, using a technical solution hosted on an interactive platform and utilizing a cloud-based database solution (“Third Party Platforms”).

Third Party Platforms

Intuiface Player – platform host running the Digital Transition Lab interactive experience built using Intuiface Composer (customisable software solution that provides graphics and session templates). This is a Software as a service solution AWS hosted in USA. However, no data is stored on this platform.

Airtable (“Third Party Data Storage Provider”) – cloud-based content management system and database for holding client session data, allowing analysis and reporting. Airtable is hosted in AWS in the EU (Frankfurt) and USA with data stored in the EU.Information about you which we processDuring your participation in the Digital Transition Lab, we will collect, obtain and process information about you and your organization that you provide to us

This information may include:

  • personal data that you provide to us such as name, email address, key personal dates (i.e, holiday, key milestones) and if applicable, any personal data that we may require to make reasonable adjustments for you, or for additional facilities to enable you to participate in the Digital Transition Lab. Information about you that we obtain or that is publicly available, or which we infer from the way we interact with you;
  • other business data such as business strategy information, organizational charts (i.e, your direct team, Executive Leadership Team and the Board and Committee members), key business dates (i.e., committee meetings, announcements, other board commitments), stakeholder perspectives on your own personal as well as business priorities;
  • And any other points of discussion including personal and business sensitive information that may arise during the Digital Transition Lab.

How we use information about you

We will process information about you to arrange and conduct the Digital Transition Lab interactive experience with you directly and to document discussions and findings in order to provide you with an output from your experience.

We will not share your information with any third parties and access to your personal data by Deloitte is restricted on a ‘need to know’ basis.

We will retain data for 7 years after the Digital Transition Lab is held, at which point we will anonymise the data and remove personal identifiers. During this time any output and personal information will be readily available to you. Any data stored for research or statistical analysis will always be anonymised and free from personal data.

Where your data is stored

Data processing will take place within the UK and EEA and where your personal data is processed outside of the United Kingdom, Deloitte has ensured that appropriate safeguards are taken to protect it.

All information that you provide us with is stored on our secure servers, or those of our Third Party Data Storage Provider located within the EEA.

Further information

For more details on how Deloitte handles and shares your information and for details on your rights and how to contact us, please click here.