The world of employment law rarely stands still and 2023 has been no exception. 2024 promises to be another busy year with the added prospect of a UK general election with all that this entails for employment law policy and strategy.

Topics covered in this webinar recording will include:

  • Deloitte Legal Annual Employment Update: On Demand Webinar Recording
  • The key employment law cases of 2023
  • Important legislative changes on the horizon for 2024
  • The top HR issues coming your way including:
    1. An increased focus on meeting ESG obligations and
      the “S” in particular: what does this mean for pay
      transparency, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and
      workplace culture generally
    2. The rising use of Generative AI in the workplace
    3. Changes impacting employer pension scheme costs
      and processes
    4. Anticipated political party proposals for employment
      law changes

Together with the practical steps that you can take to prepare your organisation for 2024

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