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Professional Careers Assessment Support

At Deloitte, diversity is important to us, and we welcome people with a wide range of skills and experiences. To find the right candidates for every role, we use different assessment processes, with adjustments available for anyone who needs additional support.

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We’re committed to building a culture of inclusion, that empowers our people to thrive and fosters a sense of belonging.

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Our selection process

We’ve hundreds of roles to choose from, all around the world. That means our assessment process can vary across business areas and grades. However, you’ll always have a specific recruiter who’ll be your main point of contact to discuss each step and what you can expect.

Often assessment tools are used in addition to reviewing candidates' CVs and application forms followed by formal interviewing. Each roles requires a unique set of skills, experience and characteristics. We use a variety of tools to assess a candidate's ability to ensure they will be a great fit to the business.

You can find more details on our ‘Professional Careers Application Support’ page. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Professional Hire Recruitment team.

Assessment process

A Recruiter will review your CV.

If your skills and experience are relevant, you’ll need to complete a digital assessment or initial 30-minute call.

Feedback is sent to the hiring manager who decides whether to interview you. Your interview could be one of several formats (see the next section).

If you’re successful, a recruiter will call you to talk through a provisional offer.

Once your offer has been approved, a contract will be sent out.

Our onboarding process then begins, to help you get settled.

Our assessment tools

If you’re invited for an interview, we’ll let you know the full interview process for that particular role, so you know what to expect. This might include:

  • Virtual interview (this is the most common type and typically lasts around an hour)
  • Face-to-face interview
  • A panel or just one or two people
  • Assessment centre (where we assess several people at the same time).

We use several different tools for assessment, as well as more traditional interviews – and we’ll always let you know beforehand. Depending on the role, the content might include:

  • Technical questions to assess your knowledge
  • Case studies – either on the spot or to be presented back at interview
  • Behavioural questions to get a feel for whether we’re the right fit
  • Digital assessments such as Codility testing – an automated online coding test
  • Finance and Excel testing
  • HireVue digital interviews where you receive a task and record your responses on the platform via video
  • A task for you to complete beforehand or during the interview.

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