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Hi, I'm Ziggy.

Director, Defence Consulting and adventure enthusiast, London

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My journey so far…

I was born and raised in Malawi in southern Africa, which was an amazing place to grow up. We would spend our days exploring and playing in the garden, visiting my family’s farm or swimming at the nearby lake. I have dual Malawian-English heritage, so I’ve always had a connection to the UK.

When I was 16 I moved to Devon to stay with family and study because the career prospects were better. It was a bit of a cultural change, but I felt ready to make the move. I then went to university to study International Relations and Development Economics, before moving into business sales, and later consulting. I wanted an environment that would offer me the chance to grow, so I joined Deloitte in 2012 and I’ve never looked back. I got a great feeling during the interview process because I connected so much with the people.

"There’s nothing I enjoy more than connecting with people and building relationships. I like working in an inclusive environment where there’s mutual respect, and I’m lucky enough to see this in my teams."

Work that matters

I’m a director in consulting, working with defence clients on their major programmes. We support our clients to deliver big programmes that help them to better orgainse people, equipment and logistics. For example, supporting the purchase, supply and build of ships for the Royal Navy.

I really enjoy working with people, and the variety of the job. I lead a team of 30 people working with a diverse range of clients. There’s always something different to do which keeps it exciting. I’m a mentor to others in my team, both in a formal and informal capacity. I find it really rewarding to have the chance to support people with their career development and help them through any challenges they might be having.

I’m also passionate about bringing more diversity into the team. We don’t want everyone to think the same - it’s important that we can bring different flavours of experience to every project, which helps us to deliver the best results.

Highlights from my week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
I go to a client site and join their leadership meeting to represent our team. I help a client work their way through a critical business challenge, and they are really happy with the feedback and swift response.
I work from home today, which gives me time to focus and get my head down. I’m writing a thought leadership article, as well as a bid for some new work.
As part of my role as a people leader, I attend a talent review to discuss team performance and how we can further improve. After work I go for a run in the countryside near my home.
I attend an industry exhibition event, which is a great opportunity to build collaborative relationships and better understand what innovation is happening in the sector.
I’m in the office today to run our management team meeting, where we wrap up on the week’s challenges and successes. In the evening I wind down by cooking a nice dinner at home.

My weekend looks like

I’m a sporty person and love playing golf and going running at the weekends. I like skiing and surfing when I get the chance, as well as travelling and adventure sports. I go to Malawi often, but I also enjoy regular trips to Europe. At home I love going out for dinner and spending time with family and friends, as well as summer BBQs.

3 things I've learned

Perseverance in face of adversity

“Smooth seas never made a fine sailor” is one of my favourite sayings - it helps to guide me through uncertainty or difficult challenges.

The importance of adaptability

In the years I’ve been with Deloitte I’ve seen lots of changes, and I’ve gone with the flow. My upbringing has helped me to be adaptable, but it’s an important skill in the workplace too.

Grab opportunities

Confidence is important, and I’ve learned to seize chances when they present themselves. I believe in following your gut and building your own opportunities, rather than waiting for the perfect one to fall in your lap.

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Ziggy's documentary reccommendation

Drive to Survive (Netflix)

This documentary follows Formula One drivers through a season of racing, going behind the scenes to see all their highs and lows. It covers every aspect of their day-to-day lives, from their training to their anxieties, and all the problems they’re facing. I find it inspirational because of the sheer level of professionalism, drive and grit that they put into their careers. There’s lots of glitz and glamour but it’s also a lesson in hard work and shows what it really takes to achieve in a challenging environment.