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Hi, I'm Rishita.

Senior Analyst in Data and AI and travel enthusiast, London

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My journey so far…

My childhood was split between London and India, where my family is originally from. While many of my relatives pursued careers in medicine or engineering, I found that neither of those paths resonated with me. From a young age I was drawn to the business world, and I was fascinated by start-ups and entrepreneurship.

I moved back to London for university and discovered Kickstart Global, an accelerator programme supporting student entrepreneurs. I met lots of interesting founders and tech experts, who inspired me to continue challenging convention. While at uni, I did the Summer Vacation Scheme internship in the digital tax team at Deloitte and realised how forward thinking the firm is. Despite not having a tech background, I knew I could make a meaningful difference. 

"It’s important for me to challenge assumptions and find different ways to be entrepreneurial. I like to embed that into all aspects of my life."

Work that matters

During my internship, I was surprised by how much I was able to do, and how entrepreneurial and innovative the team was. When I was finishing uni, it felt like a no-brainer to apply to the graduate scheme, and I was thrilled when I was offered a place. I now work in the Tax & Legal Data and AI team, where we use technology to try and make our clients’ tax processes more efficient. I work on a wide range of projects, from client engagements to assessing how new technologies can support businesses in the best way.

I’m also actively involved in the Deloitte London Speakers Club, which creates a friendly environment for people to practice their public speaking skills. We meet on a bi-weekly basis, and I help people from all grades and areas of the business to overcome their fear of public speaking.

Highlights from my week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
We kick off with an in-office team meeting to prepare for an upcoming client workshop. We review their needs and conduct some market analysis to help make sure the solution we’re developing for them is the best possible fit.
I travel to Heathrow for the Tax and Legal Analyst Academy, where I join the analyst Q&A panel. I get to meet and interact with all the new analysts who’ve joined this year and answer questions.
I spend the day working on developing some of my technical skills. Upskilling is one of my biggest goals, so I’m doing a new course online. I also pop out for a lunchtime walk.
We have our Deloitte London Speakers Club session, where we offer constructive feedback to a colleague who is practicing a speech. After work, our club heads out for coffee and a social catch up.
I work from home and attend our team meeting. We talk about new tech updates and I present some research I’ve been doing to the team. In the evening I head into the city for dinner with friends.

My weekend looks like

I’ve caught the travel bug, so I try to fit in lots of weekend getaways with friends to explore different cities. In the last year I’ve been lucky enough to visit six countries, including my first ever solo trip, which was a personal milestone for me. When I’m not away I enjoy playing badminton and I join my Deloitte colleagues for a game on Saturdays. I love music too, and I try to see live bands when I can.

3 things I've learned

Embrace curiosity

Starting a new role as a graduate is challenging, so it’s important to ask questions. It transforms you into a more creative problem solver.

Valuing diversity

As a firm we have such a diverse workforce, both in terms of experiences and backgrounds. I’ve seen first-hand how much more dynamic it makes our teams, and it’s definitely something I want help foster throughout my career.

Kindness goes a long way

Small acts of kindness, like saying thank you or checking in on a colleague who is struggling, really do have the power to make a genuine difference. It’s also important to extend that kindness to yourself.

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Rishita's book recommendation

How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb

I expected this book to be another run-of-the-mill self-help guide, but it turned out to be a game changer for me. It focuses on how to set clear intentions for the day, making time for mindfulness and managing your energy well. Modern life can be complex, and this book equips you with tools that can help you to strive for excellence both at work and in your own personal development.