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TMT Schools Challenge

Challenging Future Industry Leaders –our Predictions schools challenge was created to excite, educate and engage young people about the possibilities of working with and in the wonderful world of Technology, Media & Telecommunications. This webpage is for those that are considering a career in these sectors and want to understand more, and for those that work in the industry and would like to share their knowledge and experiences.

What is the Schools Challenge?


An annual challenge set by our Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) team is all about developing young people’s skills and opening their eyes to the opportunities and possibilities in the wonderful world of TMT. We pair sixth form students with Deloitte mentors and some of our largest clients. We then set them with the challenge of coming up with an innovative service, disruptive content or a new hardware product based on current industry trends. At the Grand Final, the three best teams present their ideas to a panel of industry experts and a supportive audience of TMT professionals. A winner will be crowned, but with experience of giving a big presentation, connecting with some of the world’s biggest TMT brands and all the learnings that come with it…there are no losers!

The schools participating in the challenge are based all over the UK and are part of our 5 Million Futures programme, in collaboration with Teach First.

What is 5 Million Futures


5 Million Futures (5MF) is the Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE) social impact strategy, aiming to help five million people get to where they want to be through access to education and employment. Connecting with over 70 schools, charities and social enterprises across the country, 5MF supports a broad range of societal partners, providing pro bono, volunteering and fundraising.

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If you are a student or teacher from a 5 Million Futures school and want to participate, get in touch

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This year, due to COVID-19 and national lockdown, regretfully we are unable to run the challenge, however, we are delighted to share some useful resources to help you discover some of the great opportunities the sector offers.


We think the TMT sectors are great to work in or work with. From TV & film broadcasters to mobile operators; device manufacturers to music and gaming producers, the industry spans so many creative, technical, and innovative jobs and sectors. At Deloitte we serve almost 90% of the Global Fortune 500 TMT companies and love working with these exciting and fantastic businesses. Discover top tips and stories from industry professionals about their jobs in or with the industry. This content has been created to inspire, guide and motivate you. Explore our three topics.

Making a difference

Deloitte opportunities

Industry opportunities

2020 Challenge Finalists

CURA is an AI robot created to help and support the general wellbeing programme for vulnerable patients or the elderly living alone. CURA is connected to a smartphone which allows multiple family members to interact with CURA and use different functions such as: video calls, multi-user entertainment, medical information updates, GPS tracker and dispense medication.

Novus Ring

The problem: 1/3 UK adults suffer from high blood pressure but are unaware. High blood pressure is responsible for 12.8% of total deaths worldwide. Part of the problem is that there aren’t regular measurements of blood pressure.

The solution: Novus ring! The ring uses the water pressure method to measure the blood pressure and it is connected to an app on your phone. The measure is sent to the user’s mobile phone which notifies them with any concerns or trends they need to be aware of. The app also provides advice on how to bring blood pressure down and reminders of any medication that needs to be taken.

Bolt N Go is a watch that is able to charge your mobile phone. The electricity is generated from doing from the user walking & exercising, the strap then stores the electricity. The product presents social benefits to society through wellbeing and exercise and environmental benefits as all the products used are environmentally friendly.

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