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Deloitte is helping businesses to shape the world. In Enabling Functions we support our colleagues to do that well, so the firm can continue to make a positive impact for clients and wider society. Join us to work across a wide range of different areas.

Is Enabling Functions right for you?

Do you love working with people? Or perhaps IT is more your thing? We have lots of teams in Enabling Functions, so there’s a role to suit everyone’s skills and interests. From working on the helpdesk to fixing your colleagues’ software challenges, the opportunities are diverse. If you enjoy learning in a practical way, a career with us could be the right path for you.

In a sea of opportunities, deciding what's most important to you can feel really daunting. But you don’t need to have it all figured out just yet. We’re here to help you make the right choices, for you.

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Career options

Tax at Deloitte is a far cry from tax at other firms. Here, it’s all about working closely with colleagues who are at the top of their game, across different areas. We have opportunities for school leavers available in our Centre of Excellence (COE) for Equity & Incentives (E&I). Equity means the value of shares in a company and incentives are a form of motivation that companies use to attract and retain employees within their business. The Centre of Excellence supports our wider tax and legal team, by advising companies on their equity and incentive plans.

Some of the tasks you might be involved with include monitoring websites to check for any tax or legal changes that could affect share plans, supporting the creation of publications with updated information, or managing project administration. We’re looking for people who are organised, dedicated and keen to learn, but we don’t expect you to have lots of knowledge from the outset. Training will be provided to develop and grow your technical skills, so that you can start helping to deliver services more efficiently now and in the future. You’ll meet a mix of diverse people, all working together to deliver the best advice, and you’ll discover a structured programme that will help you develop even greater expertise.

Engagement Support Services (ESS) help our teams at Deloitte with a wide range of administrative tasks. From Audit and Risk Advisory to Tax, Financial Advisory and more, we work to support several different areas of the business. We’re looking for people with good planning and communication skills who are keen to learn and grow in an exciting new role. If you’re a proactive thinker and you enjoy building relationships with people, this could be the team for you.

You’ll be doing a wide range of tasks, from supporting with reports to researching companies and helping out with invoicing, planning and budgeting for our different team within Deloitte. We have a big focus on personal development, and we will help to support you to reach your personal goals through regular check ins, dedicated career sessions and our mentoring initiative.

If you enjoy helping others then our Leadership Support Centre (LSC) in Cardiff could be right for you. This is an opportunity to join a new and dynamic team who work to support the senior leaders across Deloitte. You’ll be helping these senior leaders to do their jobs as well as possible, by supporting them with administrative tasks. For example, planning their diaries and helping them to organise travel when needed.

The role will be of interest to those who have a positive attitude, willingness to learn and good organisational skills. Resilience, and integrity, and the ability to use your own initiative to resolve problems quickly will be key to success in this role. You’ll be given plenty of support and training along the way, and you’ll be working in a friendly and diverse team.

Our Quality Risk and Security (QRS) team helps to manage risks within the business. For example, before agreeing to work with a company, Deloitte needs to be sure that there are no risks to our firm and our team would help to establish this. We also address conflicts of interest with potential clients, so that we can maintain our independence from them and ensure money laundering isn’t a risk. We have Entry Level Apprenticeships in Cardiff and BrightStart Apprenticeships available in London and Cardiff.

Depending on which team you join within QRS Services, day to day tasks could include conducting research on companies who wish to work with Deloitte, reviewing Deloitte’s regulatory requirements, monitoring how we store our data to ensure we are safe from any security breaches, and speaking to client-facing teams to ensure the relationship with our clients is being managed correctly.

We’re looking for ambitious school leavers who are keen to learn and develop an interesting career that they can make their own. An apprenticeship here enables you to experience lots of different areas of risk and security within the business, so that you can make an informed decision about your future career. Your time will be spent gaining experience and understanding key areas of the firm such as:

  • Client and Engagement Acceptance: We help to risk assess clients and make key decisions around taking on new clients. This helps to ensure we do not work with people or companies who may adversely impact our brand or our social values.
  • Personal and Firm Independence: We ensure that the firm and all our people remain independent from clients and the companies we audit, so that we can continue to offer unbiased advice.
  • Deloitte Business Security: We help protect the firm from security threats. You will learn about cyber security, data protection, crisis management, physical security, vetting and much more.
  • Conflicts Management: We aim to understand where our work may present conflicts of interest with other ongoing work, recommending solutions when problems come up.

Our IT Business Services Business Application (BSA) team in Cardiff is made up of talented web developers and professionals who provide software solutions for our colleagues. As an apprentice, you'll have access to a diverse range of learning materials that will help expand your knowledge. You'll get the chance to immerse yourself in all aspects of software development, working with colleagues from various areas such as business analysis, quality assurance, software architecture, information security, and cloud engineering.

This dynamic environment will enable you to shape your future career path. As well as working with cutting-edge technologies like .Net 6, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, and Azure cloud technologies, we stay up to date with the latest Microsoft tools and popular cloud technologies, providing you with valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to work on exciting projects. If you have an interest in technology and innovation, IT business services could be right for you. You’ll be part of a team that nurtures your growth, encourages teamwork, and empowers you to reach your full potential.

When applying for a role in IT BSA you will find it in our Technology Career Path.

HR Student Advisory (Cardiff)

Our Student Advisory Services (SAS) team are responsible for helping students that join the firm to start their qualifications. We aim to make this an easy process for them, ensuring that they feel supported at each step of their career. The team of dedicated advisors work together to build strong relationships with people in the business, including students, the professional education team, exam managers, partners, institutes, and training providers.

The support, dedication, and inclusivity that we share makes SAS a great team to be a part of. We are a forward-thinking team, with goals that support our purpose and direction, and a focus on personal development and continuous service improvements.

HR Helpdesk (Cardiff)

Our HR Helpdesk supports colleagues by provide high quality advice and guidance over any issue they might be having. By joining us, you’ll be the first point of contact for our customer queries via phone, web chat and email.

You’ll help with the timely and accurate management of administrative processes, such as (but not limited to) reward and payroll, onboarding processes, maternity/paternity/adoption, flexible working and other general administration processes. We also ensure that all system related actions are completed accurately and in time for payroll and contribute to wider projects within human resources. The role would suit someone who is friendly, enjoys building relationships with people and loves to learn. Once you’ve joined you’ll get all the training and support you’ll need to advance your career in the way you want.

Our audit teams play an important role in checking company accounts, which helps to protect the public interest. We’ve created a Centre of Excellence in Newcastle (SACC) to support our internal audit teams throughout the UK. The team provides remote support to all our Deloitte colleagues who engage directly with businesses, to help them in completing administrative tasks associated with the audit of accounts.

It involves working closely with your colleagues and will help you to develop an understanding of company accounts and why they’re so important to get right. Roles are available for entry level apprentices who are leaving school. You will be completing your Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 4 apprenticeship whilst working in our team and become a subject matter expert in company accounts. As part of this, you will attend college to study AAT level 4 with your peers. As well as formal and informal on-the-job training, you’ll have a supportive team around you to guide you through your career at Deloitte.

Graduate Scheme


The Technology and Digital Services (TDS) team is at the centre of managing our technology platforms, tools and services for Deloitte. We provide advice for all technology needs, to support better ways of working. From managing our IT, to improving cyber security and developing innovative digital platforms, our approach is to build and maintain resilient, sustainable, secure solutions for our colleagues.

Our security teams manage all the aspects of security for the firm, from secure design to manging project risk and data breaches, as well as compliance and assurance, protective security, travel security, privacy and confidentiality, and security operations.

Our Proactive Engagement Finance team provides financial management services to Deloitte client projects. We support efficiency, continual improvement and consistency across all project financial management tasks. You will work as part of a dedicated team to help achieve this, with a coaching and mentoring structure in place to provide you with guidance and support. Though the function is not a direct client facing team, we assist with the completion and delivery of projects, giving you a broad insight into how Deloitte works with clients. This role is available for graduates with an accounting, finance or maths related degree.

Why Enabling Functions?

Whatever path you choose in Enabling Functions, you’ll be able to build a career that’s truly your own. We offer lots of learning and development opportunities for school leavers, so you’ll get the chance to grow with the support of your wider team. By joining us you’ll be part of an inclusive, creative team that thrives on problem solving and innovation.

"Before joining I was working for a fast-food chain - coming here was a big contrast! I loved the professional environment, and the fact that everyone treated me as an equal."

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