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Agile Working

Life is about more than work. We believe it's important for everyone to balance their career with other priorities like family, friends, travel and hobbies. That's why we provide an agile, flexible working environment.

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Agile working                              

Our approach to agile working is underpinned by three simple principles – trust and respect; open and honest communication, and judging solely on output. We offer formal and informal agile arrangements – the key is that this works for both the individual and the business.

Annualised Days

Our Annualised Days working option enables our people to have an irregular working pattern throughout the year – you could work on a seasonal basis for example, or work only during term-time, with the latter making it particularly attractive to working parents.

Time Out

Deloitte’s Time Out scheme enables employees to take a four-week period of unpaid leave once a year, for any reason, at a time that suits them and the business. Our aim is to ensure that all our people are able to balance their lives outside work with a successful and fulfilling career.

Family friendly policies                                                                           

Our Working Parents Transitions Programme helps our parents and their team leaders to manage the transition into parenthood as smoothly as possible, whether they are a first-time parent or adding to their family. We also support carers at Deloitte, ensuring that people can work flexibly when needed.

Connect with others

Through our diversity networks you'll be able to connect with clients and the community. It’s where you can find support among your ‘affinity group’, whether gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or parenting or caring responsibilities. More than 7,000 members catch up regularly.


We are committed to offering an environment which supports both the mental and physical wellbeing of our people. We have multiple forms of support in place for you to access as well as a variety of professionally trained networks dedicated to supporting each individual and their wellbeing within the workplace, and beyond.

Hybrid Working

At Deloitte we understand the importance of balancing your career alongside your home life. That’s why we’ll support you to work flexibly through our hybrid working policy. Depending on the requirements of your role, you’ll have the opportunity to work in your local office, virtual collaboration spaces, client sites and remotely. You’ll get the chance to meet face to face when needed, while you collaborate and learn from colleagues, share your experiences, and build the relationships that will fuel your career and prioritise your wellbeing.

Our hybrid ways of working enable you to:

  • Spend time at our clients’ offices to understand their needs, collaborate on project work and build relationships.
  • Use the office to collaborate with colleagues, strengthen your relationships, undertake face-to-face training, or mark moments that matter.
  • Undertake more individual, focused work, virtual/hybrid collaboration and online learning from home, or another suitable base.

If you apply for a role, please speak to your recruiter or hiring manager to discuss hybrid working and how it could work for you.

Our WorkAgility framework

Deloitte is committed to developing working practices through a combination of formal and informal arrangements that support agility in terms of where, when and how we work.

With the right consideration given to individual needs, those of the team and the nature of the work, our WorkAgility framework provides a platform for our people to consider a blend of day to day actions and formal options, which help them to manage the balance between demanding personal and professional priorities.

Our Family-friendly Policies

Our Working Parents Transitions Programme helps our parents and their team leaders to manage the transition into parenthood as smoothly as possible, whether they are a first-time parent or adding to their family. We also support carers at Deloitte, ensuring that people can work flexibly when needed.

Enhanced pay during parenting leave

We offer an enhanced level of pay during the various types of parenting leave, as set out below.

Maternity, adoption and surrogacy leave

From day one of employment:

  • 26 weeks at full salary*
  • 13 weeks at Statutory pay flat rate (for those eligible). Further information is available on the UK government, website with adoption information here.

Paternity leave

From day one of employment:

Full salary for the 4 week paternity leave period

Shared Parental leave

After a qualifying period, we offer an enhanced level of pay of up to 19 weeks at full salary* depending on when the leave is taken.

Anyone taking parenting leave will continue to receive their benefits allowance and/or any selected flexible benefits for the duration of their leave. For more information on the benefits available at Deloitte, click here.

*salary means normal salary earned during a reference period after any deductions for salary sacrifice arrangements, such as pension contributions or flexible benefits.

Mothers and adopters and intended parents under surrogacy arrangements have a right to paid time off for ante-natal, adoption and other related appointments. In addition we offer all fathers, partners and intended parents through surrogacy (regardless of gender) paid leave to accompany their partner to two appointments. If someone wants to attend more than two appointments then arrangements can be made with their line manager, for example by using our agile working approach.

If a parent’s primary childcare arrangements have fallen through unexpectedly we provide emergency back-up childcare, for example: a day at nursery, a childminder, holiday club or nanny/home carer. We offer 5 fully-subsidised and 5 part-subsidised sessions per year.

Deloitte’s Working Families network connects parents, prospective parents and carers across the firm so they can share best practices, resources, ideas, information, and sometimes just simply swap stories.

Proud at Deloitte Families is a support network for the whole spectrum of LGBTQ+ families at Deloitte including:

  • Employees with LGBT+ family members (children, siblings, parents)
  • LGBTQ+ parents
  • LGBTQ+ colleagues considering growing their family

Our 24/7 external Advice Line provides free confidential and independent support and advice for all our people, partners and their immediate families.

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